How To Create Effective Landing Pages For Facebook Ad Campaigns

by Kelly Shepsko November 20, 2015
November 20, 2015

You’ve most likely seen hundreds of ads that drive to landing pages in your Facebook newsfeed. There are some that you’re compelled to click on, and others, you have absolutely no interest in. What exactly differentiates effective landing page ads versus those that get lost in the shuffle?

Here are three quick tips for making sure your Facebook ad for your landing page offer drives as much traffic and conversion as possible:

1) Make sure you have created the perfect landing page

For an effective ad campaign, you must have effective content. When creating your landing page, make sure your offer is clear. What is the user going to get for exchanging their information on your site? Why should they want the offer? Explain how they would benefit from your offer. Also, make sure your landing page is concise and to the point. Click here to learn more about creating your best landing page possible.

2) Set up your Facebook ad properly

Facebook allows you to build and optimize your ad based on your objective. Some options are boosting specific posts, getting app installs, raising attendance at an event…but in this case, you’ll want to choose the option to increase conversions on your website. Make sure that if you want to promote a specific landing page offer, you choose this option and not “send people to your website.” You’ll want to measure conversion, and when selecting “increase conversions on your website,” you’ll get a code that you or your web developer can paste into your website to track success of how many landing page conversions your ad generates.

Also, be sure to choose relevant, high-quality imagery that will be displayed in your ad, and choose a well-defined, relevant audience. There are thousands of different criteria for selecting who your ad will be shown to, ranging from age to location to income, interests, occupation and so much more. Aim for the middle of the audience meter, like so:

3) Measure and improve your campaign

After the first week of running your ad, check conversion rates for your landing page. Set your benchmark for success at a 20%+ conversion rate. If you’re falling below that number, look at the following:

–     Is your landing page clear and and does it communicate value?

–     Is your Facebook ad being shown to the right audience?

–     Are you using the best creative for your ad possible?

Looking at the above criteria will allow basic guidelines for you to improve your landing page and ad to increase conversion significantly. And, viola! As long as you’ve followed best practices for setting up a Facebook ad and have chosen the best possible audience that your landing page ad will be shown to, you’ll be rolling in the conversions.

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