How To Create Amazon Affiliate Sites To Make Money Online

I am sure you have heard of making money online by referring Amazon affiliate products. It is quite popular for bloggers these days to refer products from Amazon on their blog using links on anchor texts. But have you considered creating a site that is tailor-made for selling Amazon affiliate products? A site that is made for Amazon affiliate products will definitely see you make more sales than simply selling single products now and then through your blog articles.

In this post I will tell you how to create Amazon affiliate sites to make money online.

An Amazon affiliate site can be created more easily than you think. Especially, if you are already using WordPress. All you need to do to create an Amazon affiliate site is a self-hosted WordPress blogging platform, a few additional plugins. The plugins are important to boost your efficiency when you are selling affiliate products.

Once your blog is ready with WordPress and plugins then you need to generate traffic. There are some really powerful plugins available to boost the efficiency of your Amazon affiliate site. There is both premium and free plugin available.

WordPress Amazon Store Plugin is a free plugin that is available for bloggers to start selling using the Amazon affiliate program. The plugin lets you to integrate a Shopping Cart with a Drag-and-Drop feature that allows the visitr to view their selected cart items while shopping throughout your website. This can make your affiliate sales rocket to amounts you have not expected. You can install the free WordPress Amazon Store plugin here.

Of course, if you would prefer to use a premium plugin to boost your Amazon affiliate site then WP Zon Builder is the choice for you.

This plugin allows you to hundreds of Amazon affiliate products to your blog within minutes. There are an array of other features that this plugin offers to a blogger who wants to make his work on Amazon affiliate selling easier and more profitable.

Once you are done with this, you can work on driving traffic to your Amazon affiliate site. This can be done by writing articles on the niche related to the products that you plan to sell. Suppose if you create an Amazon affiliate site around books then you can easily refer books through Amazons affiliate program. This way you will notice that your conversions are much higher than when you try to refer through articles now and then. covers topics related to Making Money Online, Make Money Fast, Making Money Online Home


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