How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar [Video Tutorial]

July 16, 2015

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With heavy content saturation across every social channel and the general churn and burn mentality that comes with it, there’s a lot of pressure on brands to be creating new content constantly. Leave it all to the last-minute and figuring out what to post can be incredibly difficult, especially without a clear layout of what’s been posted on your social media channels already. Luckily, many businesses that struggle with consistency have found an editorial/content calendar to be the perfect solution.

Content marketing itself is a strategic venture. It’s all about understanding what customers want and then supplying it to them in a digestible way. A detailed content calendar provides panoramic views of your social media marketing strategy. By creating a structure for your content, you can easily plan out what types of social media posts will be created each month and more readily prepare for events, holidays, themes, etc. requiring extra forethought.

The Benefits of Producing a Content Calendar

A content calendar not only helps in the brainstorming process but also helps you to organize ideas logically. You can choose to break certain talking points into regularly incorporated categories and even plan out themes for certain days, weeks and/or months. By creating a content calendar in advance, you give momentum to the cause and provide yourself a clear sense of direction for how you’d prefer your social strategy to play out. Not only will you find yourself producing better content, but you will also become more consistent with your publishing. All of this alone should help lead to a steady increase in traffic to your site.

To learn how to create your own content calendar, check out our video tutorial below:

Screen Recording from Meredith Rice on Vimeo.

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