How E-Commerce Store, Bolder Band, Collected 7,200 Email Leads in 4 Days [Case Study]

April 9, 2015


Amy and JD Crouse started Bolder Band to bring stylish and functional workout headbands to active individuals everywhere. With no prior experience in e-commerce, Amy and JD have grown Bolder Band into a successful online brand in just a little over a year! JD was looking for a way to boost email lead generation while also increasing sales conversions and maximizing the effectiveness of Facebook and Google Adwords campaigns.


Bolder Band implemented multiple pop up promotional offers using the on site marketing tool, Justuno. They have offered coupon codes, a gift with purchase, and even free shipping promotions. Bolder Band was able to make necessary changes to design, promotional offers, and targeting rules while automatically syncing new email leads to their email marketing service, Infusionsoft. Bolder Band has converted 18% of visitors who have seen their promotional offers into email subscribers and has acquired 43,368 new email leads to date!


Facebook and Google Adwords Optimization with Behavioral Targeting

JD implemented a targeted promotional strategy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They sent all of their paid traffic from Facebook and Google ads to a specific promotional landing page. Visitors were then presented with a pop up promotion offering free shipping, 3 Bolder lip balm tubes, and a surprise gift. “When it comes to promotions, I’m always trying to figure out a way to add value. When you add value, you’re able to create and continue relationships with your customers,” JD explained to me. The combination of a valuable promotional offer and effective engagement of the shopper really paid off. Bolder Band collected 7,200 emails in the 4 days of running the promotion!

Bolder Band has also taken a similar approach with new website visitors. They set up a base promotion that was only presented to new visitors coming from Facebook and Adwords links. 15% of visitors who viewed the promotion submitted an email address and received an instant coupon code to drive new purchases. Over a period of 20 days, Bolder Band added 1,973 email subscribers!


Key Takeaways

1. Driving Traffic isn’t enough. Convert it!

Paid traffic is a great way to get more visitors to your website but new visitors don’t magically turn into sales. Converting that traffic is just as important, if not more so, than driving traffic to your site. How do you convert these new visitors into leads and sales? Take a page out of Bolder Band’s book. Implement a promotional pop up offer that targets new visitors and incentivizes them to join your mailing list with a valuable offer.

2. Be Creative and Offer Value

Like all areas of your business, promotions require variety and experimentation. In order to determine what works with your store and brand, you must try multiple types of promotions. Since he started using Justuno back in march of 2014, JD has used a variety of  promotions on the Bolder Band site. He now has a good idea with what works well for their business and their customer base. Offer a bit higher discount, include a gift with purchase, or host a sweepstakes.

3. Selling Online is Possible and Scalable

I’m not saying anyone can do it but an e-commerce business has never been more accessible than today. Bolder Band is an excellent example of this. Amy Crouse identified a simple yet widespread problem and created an effective and stylish solution with the Bolder Band. The Crouses opened up shop in September, 2013 on the Shopify e-commerce platform. Today, they have turned it into their livelihood and have grown into the Shopify Plus platform. We’re excited to see the brand continue to grow!  Visit Bolder Band Here!

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