How Can Email Marketing Boost Your 2017 Marketing Campaign [Infographic]

— March 4, 2017

Brand-consumer interaction has been one of the core elements that defined 2016 strategies in marketing industry, thoughtfully presented with the help of social media networks.

Producing quality content for blogs, products, etcetera is, undoubtedly, one of the key points for securing a brand’s growth; however, without the extra boost of social media tools and email marketing, there aren’t many things CEOs can do for their gigs as audience engaging isn’t considered in the equation. Nobody is going to buy products or become loyal followers of an informational/content producing site if you simply don’t put your aim in showing potential customers that your brand actually considers their needs and that you put their interests above your brand. It’s about giving something back and not falling under the premise that “customer satisfaction is an overrated topic”. And regarding that last statement, email marketing can provide us with a broad field of innovation.

Optimization as a key

Obviously, there is no point in putting dedication and effort to something that users won’t even bother to open, and that’s where email optimization takes its key role.

First and foremost, avoid the cheesy sales lines that users happen to loathe: nobody is going to purchase something just because you tell them your brand is better than competition; they will likely start following up your updates after you show enough proof that innovation or quality are easy words to describe what you have to offer.

Secondly, consider your mailing as a product from every single point of view. Recent researches have shown up the Open Rate standards in the B2B industry are just between 12-16%, meaning there is a huge percentage of user dissatisfaction with the way content is presented to them. This translates in any of these two points of view:

  1. Email Marketing is considered as no mere than corporative spam
  2. Marketing managers are still struggling to produce interesting content

For illustrating these elements in a faster way, let’s take a look at this infographic by Infoclutch –

How Can Email Marketing Boost Your 2017 Marketing Campaign [Infographic]

Infographic Courtesy of : infoclutch

Mobile optimisation is crucial on this behalf, as more and more users happen to secure deals among online stores while surfing the net through their phones and tablets during spare time. Responsive emails are the way to go, smartly introducing CTAs right below the text, playing with design elements to make your offer irresistible.

How Can Email Marketing Boost Your 2017 Marketing Campaign [Infographic]

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Consider time-limited offers that are only shown through mailing as an incentive for users to consider what you have to offer them. If people start noticing that certain deals can be only obtained through exclusive links or codes published at the weekly mail, then most certainly that would be a growth factor for your mail database.

Personalization as an answer to all problems

Marketers often have the bad habit of passing through the notion that users also begin to acquire some basic knowledge in the field after being constantly exposed to different marketing strategies. Whereas not so long ago using the recipient’s name seemed something cool, attentive and user-focused, this trend is so well-known that even users are aware of that move. Instead, if you want to give value to your campaign, follow the very next tips.

How Can Email Marketing Boost Your 2017 Marketing Campaign [Infographic]

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Use analytics to your benefit, targeting the aim of your mails and offers through geo-targeting, offering exclusive deals or rewards, and helping to build a buyer’s profile. By following this trend, you are taking the same path as corporations like Facebook in providing customer-intended ads based on your search history and geo-location: the ultimate path to customer satisfaction.

Real-Time Triggers

For most clients of digital stores, there’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for God knows when to get an update of where does their package is at the current moment. Even if brands like Amazon happen to have a good reputation in what deliveries regard, for first time buyers, trust is undoubtedly an issue. Imagine what would happen then if we combine a first-time buyer with a brand new company that doesn’t have enough reviews on how do they work, but yet they provide what the customer has been looking for ages.

Something really stunning that can be easily achieved thanks to multidisciplinary interaction at an internet-based platform is to provide a real-time tracking of their goods, giving feedback on potential issues like delays at customs, weather conditions that delayed flights for parcels, etc. Do you want to go a step further? You can also innovate by introducing IP camera connection to your logistics area so that users can see in real-time their purchases being packaged and sent away for couriers; even more by allowing live chat interaction with the logistics operator for providing special request services for certain deliveries that go out of conventional means. And the best point of this? Users get exclusive sneak-peak access to this service ONLY via mail, with tailored emails for their purchases.

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