Home Based Internet Marketing Businesses Learn Viral Marketing Tips From Big Businesses

With all of the different ways that are available to try to reach more customers, one of the best is with viral marketing. Basically what viral marketing is, is a planned…or sometimes not so planned…approach to getting your message read or looked at by lots of people, and having those people pass it along to many others. Think of it as a route to new customers that is often free, or if it has any costs associated with it…usually the cost is very minimal. This theory can be used by home based internet marketing businesses just as easily as by big businesses.

Big companies pay a lot of attention to viral marketing because it is so powerful. They spend millions of dollars studying and testing and tweaking to get their message out there…and by out there I mean WAY out there…the bigger the reach, the more profits that can be made.

The good news is…you won’t have to spend millions, or even hundreds of dollars to have a successful viral marketing campaign…all you have to do is watch what the “big boys” are doing and do it yourself, for your business or product.

Now Netflix does some really interesting things. First of all, Netflix actually has an amazing product and a really amazing service…and that is really rule number one for getting anything to go viral…it has to be something worth talking about. The second thing they do right, which again, you can copy and apply to your business, is they incentivize you to tell your friends. They do this by giving you the ability to give your friends or family a free or an inexpensive trial of Netflix.

So say for a holiday, for example, like Father’s Day, they could do a Father’s Day promotion. They could say to you “Give your dad the gift of Netflix. Go ahead and give your dad one month free to try out our service.” Well, that’s pretty cool, right? You can give your dad a month free of Netflix, and if your dad likes it, he becomes a customer.

You will want to think about what twists that you can do on this in terms of giving your friends or your family or your business associates discounts, trials and other really cool stuff in exchange for passing your information along.

Bottom line is you want to pay very close attention to what other companies and marketers are doing. Be on the lookout for things that are similar to this Netflix example…you will start to see it everywhere…and you can just apply it to what you are doing. You will be amazed at all the different ways companies try to get you to spread the word and if you analyze what they are doing and how they are doing it, you will have no problem coming up with creative ways to apply it in your home based internet marketing businesses and get your message or product to go viral too.

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