Holiday Marketing: Facebook Tells You 10 Dates When Conversions Spike [Infographic]

— October 28, 2016


For us, the holiday season starts somewhere in September. If you’re in marketing, maybe you know what we mean. Competing for holiday sales takes strategy and planning – both of which require weeks to do well.

Facebook knows the game better than most, and in an effort to help marketers make the most of the opportunity, the company has released an interactive infographic about “festive conversations.” Using 2015’s Instagram and Facebook data as a starting point, Facebook IQ has identified ten dates where conversions are likely to spike online, creating golden opportunities for marketers to slip in with a relevant word or offer.

Whether or not you choose to plan your holiday marketing strategy around this information, I urge you to consider how these dates and moments could affect your customer’s journey and conversations in the weeks ahead. We’ve posted the full infographic below; you can also snag it from Netimperative here.

The Ten Days of (Facebook Marketing) Christmas

  • November 1: This one will be here before you know it. Conversations around Christmas shopping tend to heat up on this day with Halloween behind us.
  • November 23: Black Friday buzz picks up globally. 39% of posts about Black Friday take place in the four days before the retail doors open, reports Facebook.
  • November 27: Men contribute to the Black Friday conversation as well, discussing this event 1.25x more than they do Thanksgiving. Additionally, one in four people globally shop on Black Friday. Mobile matters, as well. People are 1.3x more likely to make online purchases on their mobile devices on Black Friday than on Cyber Monday.
  • November 30: On Cyber Monday, 68% of purchases are made on a desktop.
  • December 1: Last-minute shopping starts to kick in. 62% of people say they do most of their holiday shopping this month.
  • December 11: One in four people do their shopping between December 11 and 20.
  • December 24: Christmas Eve is the day when people start talking about New Year resolutions.
  • December 25: On Christmas, conversations move away from shopping and towards friends and family. Christmas is the most active day of the holiday season on Facebook, with over 800 million holiday-related posts generated (86% of these posts are on mobile!).
  • December 26: Last year, 11% of all holiday season online purchases visible to Facebook happened between the day after Christmas and New Year’s, which is equivalent to the nine days leading up to Christmas. Wow!
  • December 31: 40% of New Year Resolutions come from Millennials, and December 31 is far and away the most popular day to talk about hopes for the future!

Holiday Marketing: Facebook Tells You 10 Dates When Conversions Spike [Infographic]

When Will You Start Holiday Marketing?
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