Get This Free Internal Social Media Event Guide To Boost Sharing

by Laura Blaker April 7th, 2015



It can be hard to believe that not everyone you work with has a social media account. Most have heard about Facebook or Twitter – but does everyone use it? No. Do they want to? Maybe. Some. If they knew where to start.

Plus, people are busy! Twitter might be a world they haven’t touched and maybe they’re perfectly fine with leaving it that way. Or they prefer email or telephone calls over Facebook.

So, the golden question is, how can you get your employees to help promote your initiatives online?

You have to make it easy for them! My biggest advice to any marketing professional isn’t to be an expert – its to be an educator. Instead of telling your team about social, teach them. Make it easy for them to understand and participate.

Do you have an upcoming event? Conference? Webinar? Create a short, internal document to distribute to employees to teach them how they can be involved. After all, they are your best brand ambassadors.

For the purpose of this blog, well pretend that your company is a local zoo, and you’re getting ready for the unveiling of a new gorilla named Gabby. H

Here’s how you can get your company involved in stirring buzz online (and perhaps the local community, too!).

This is written as it would be to your company employees.

Social Media Event Guide

This guide will help FriendlyZoo employees, partners and community members to use social media to support and promote the introduction of Gabby the Gorilla on June 5, 2050.

Who Is This Guide For?

This guide is for all FriendlyZoo employees, partners and community members who use social media tools such as:

  • Facebook,

  • Twitter,

  • Instagram,

  • YouTube,

  • Google+,

  • blogs

Use Hashtags!

We encourage the use of hashtags in all social media channels to help us gain momentum and build anticipation leading up to the introduction of Gabby the Gorilla.

Primary Hashtag: #GabbytheGorilla

Secondary Hashtags: #FriendlyZoo #FurryFriends #Gorillas

You can also create your own Hashtags if you’d like, but we urge you to use #GabbytheGorilla in all of your posts.

How Do We Engage?

Follow us and comment, share, like, re-post, and re-Tweet relevant content. We’ll be doing the same with as many of you as possible leading up to the introduction of #GabbytheGorilla.

Twitter: @FriendlyZoo


LinkedIn: Friendly Zoo

Instagram: FriendlyZoo

When Should We Start Posting?

Start posting and tweeting about #GabbytheGorilla any time! We want to boost awareness of the newest addition to our team and start engaging others as soon as possible.

What Do We Share?

We’d love it if you could engage with us, and others by:

  • Posting quotes from our trainers, or lessons learned about Gorillas

  • Posting photos of yourself or others on June 5th

  • Photos of her habitat

  • Sharing your thoughts and experiences over the course of the day

Sample Tweets

Below are some sample tweets that you can use through your social media channels. You’re also encouraged to come up with your own tweets and messaging that makes the most sense for you.

Pre #GabbytheGorilla Introduction

During #GabbytheGorilla Introduction

  • Meeting #GabbytheGorilla today! Her trainers are here to teach us about her habitat and diet. Looking forward to seeing her!

  • I learned that #GabbytheGorilla is three years old! The staff and trainers @FriendlyZoo all look very excited to welcome her to the family.

Post #GabbytheGorilla Introduction


What is the @?

The @ symbol is used to call out usernames in Tweets. This may also be referred to as a mention.

What is a #?

  • Hashtags (#) allow people to search for tweets that have a common topic.

  • Hashtags are used to categorize important posts, news and relevant topics.

  • Hashtags are all one word or a series of connected words.

  • Hashtags are used on both Facebook and Twitter

End Guide

And there you have it. By providing your team with a helpful guide on how they can participate, theyre more likely to engage with you, and for you. This helpful resource is aimed at those with limited knowledge about social media, but that have an endless interest in participating, and conquering the landscape. Now, with your help — they can!







by Laura Blaker

Laura lives in the Greater Toronto Area. Her studies in Public Relations and Communications have led her down the Digital Marketing rabbit hole where she’s worked for over two years. Words and connecting with people are her passions. She also likes nature and camping.



Get This Free Internal Social Media Event Guide To Boost Sharing
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