Father’s Day Inspiration Emails

— May 24, 2017

Fathers Day Inspiration Emails

Father’s Day is on Sunday, 18th June this year. That gives you just under a month to craft your perfect Father’s Day email. Whilst it doesn’t have the same opportunities for most email marketers as Mothering Sunday, it can still be a pivotal event within your calendar. So, if you’re a bit stuck for ideas look no further for some inspiration…

Many companies have a tendency to market their Father’s Day emails towards men, despite (we assume) at least half of potential buyers being female. It’s the old “What do you put into a toaster?” “Toast!” mind slip. The recipient of your product might be a moustachioed, middle aged motorcyclist, but the reader of your email may not be. You can safely inject a little emotion into your emails without scaring everyone anyway.

With that said, not every good seller can be made glamorous. Emails about carpet slippers, or those beige trousers usually advertised in the back of the Sunday paper magazine pullout will probably never win awards, but they sell. Focusing on the price, comfort, practicality or thoughtfulness of the gift will be good tactics here.

Don’t forget to use the data you have to target your email and create a personal experience. As an example, you might consider a strategy of targeting different age groups with different emails at different frequencies, excluding older age groups altogether. Exploit the supposition that different demographics will buy different gifts for their parents and consider which of your products or services would be most fitting for each subset of your readership. It might be the case that you have one fabled killer gift suitable for all dads, but you can still market it differently for different readers.

Finally, consider what products or services you offer that could be winners for Father’s Day. Don’t just write the event off because you don’t sell traditional Father’s Day gifts. The day could mean a family weekend away for some fishing and plenty of pub time. It could mean a takeaway, a meal out, even a good book or something for the garden.

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