Facebook will let publishers show more ads in Instant Articles

Facebook is giving more flexibility to publishers within its Instant Articles feature, allowing extra manual and automated monetization methods.

Facebook is an important platform for publishers to have their work seen and heard. But publishers also need to make money, especially when giving Facebook their content for the Instant Articles platform. It’s been an ongoing balancing act to get things right for both sides.

A newly announced set of updates to Instant Articles give publishers a little more flexibility and control via additional opportunities to monetize Instant Articles.

Starting next week, publishers will be able to show more ads in Instant Articles if desired: after every 250 words, rather than the current limit of every 350 words. In fact, publishers now have the ability to place ads manually within an article or in a more automated fashion: ads every 250, 350 or 500 words.

For publishers who want automatic placement, Facebook also offers extensive developer documentation to help get started.


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