Enhance Search Engagement With A Complementary Paid & Organic Visibility Strategy

  • Columnist Thomas Stern explains how paid and organic search efforts can be used together to boost ROI through increased brand awareness and visitor engagement.


    Coordinated search strategies increase visibility and drive conversions. Paid and organic search work in tandem to hit the same marketing goals by increasing page authority, developing user awareness and gathering data to continuously improve campaigns.

    For the last 15 years, marketers have brought paid and organic search together to connect brands and consumers at key points in the customer journey. By nature, search engines are used to answer important research questions that can lead consumers to take action.

    By developing a paid and organic search strategy where one can complement the other and fill gaps in visibility, marketers can increase exposure to content that drives engagement and subsequently generates revenue.

    The more exposed your brand is in search results, the more dominance and influence you will have. According to a study by Advanced Web Ranking, on average, 71.33 percent of Google searches resulted in a page one organic click, showcasing the significance of SEO efforts.

    Paid search ads also play a big role in supporting the reach of your content for new or competitive keyword phrases; the presence of ads reduces the click-through rate of the first organic result by around 30 percent — so even if you achieve a number one ranking, you’re missing out on clicks if you aren’t visible within paid results, too.

    The best way to earn clicks in search is to develop a mutually beneficial relationship between paid and organic. To start, marketers should take a four-pronged approach to crafting unified SEO and advertising campaigns:

    1. Identifying Gaps in the Competitive Landscape
    2. Keyword Research
    3. Content Relevancy Cycles
    4. Visibility Amplification

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