Engage and Hook Your Customers in 3 Easy Steps

October 20, 2015


So how do you engage and hook your customers into your brand and business?

Well before we can truly answer that question effectively, we need to understand why customers engage.

To which there are two simple reasons…

1. They were made to feel special. They were made to feel the centre of attention and the most important customer in the world.

2. They received something of interest to them at the right time.

So, now we know why customers engage how can we capitalise on that? Well in a recent post, What’s more effective for eCommerce – Email or SMS Marketing? I talked about 3 rules you should follow when marketing to your customers.

Make it personal. Make it relevant. Make it on time.

And by following these simple rules you will be able to engage and hook your customers.

Making it personal
Marketing your business/brand in a personal way can be tricky, you want to get your message seen and read by all of your customers, but how can you do this in a personal way without breaking the bank or working double over time?

This is where mobile marketing can be the answer to all your prayers. The mobile phone is a personal device, so by texting your customers your message you are already a step ahead of content marketing or dropping an email into a customer’s spam folder.

However by using their first name in the text you will be to connect to your customers on a higher level of personalisation. Imagine getting a text message from your favourite brand addressed to you…

“Hi Jake – just to let you know we have the brand new range of Nike trainers in-store today that we think you will love! Drop in and see us or visit us online here www…..”

Making it relevant
Make the content relevant. For example as a male, am I really going to want to know about a new range of dresses being released? So segment your customers into separate contact groups.

Use your sales to influence your messages… For example, Jake has just bought a new pair of basketball trainers…

“Hi Jake – Just to let you know we have a great new selection of basketball clothing in-store, some great tops and shorts – drop in and see us or visit us online www…..”

Making it on time
So Jake is not going to want to know about all your great new basketball gear at 4 in the morning. Every customer is different, but look at what time of day most of your purchases are made and start to send messages in and around that time.

Record your results and see what works
As said earlier, every customer is different. However by testing different offers, different opening lines, and different times to send your message – you will soon learn and see what your average customer likes.

Don’t be put off by opt-outs and unsubscribes, you are always going to get them. The people who remain opted in are far more important and the ones you should concentrate on – so start engaging your customers!

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