Do Your Emails Fall Under One of These 4 Categories?

— April 17, 2017

Email marketing is still a great way to bring in leads and keep your customers on board. Though there certainly are other ways to reach out to your customers, such as content creation or social media, there’s no question that people still spend a lot of time checking their emails. Therefore, it’s essential that your company still puts a huge focus on email marketing. And, not just aimlessly sending out emails, but actually having a point to them.

If you feel like you’re unsure about what kinds of emails you should be sending out, then check to make sure your emails fall under one of these email categories. If they don’t, you may need to take it back to the drawing table.

1) A General Newsletter Email

Every company should have an email that falls under the “Newsletter” category. Most companies already have a rhythm with which they send out these emails. Perhaps it’s once a week or maybe once a month. In it, you can include content you’ve recently put up on your website, tips that are relevant and useful to the reader, or upcoming promotions they should keep an eye on. It’s like a newspaper for your company.

Remember, one great thing about utilizing a marketing automation software is that you can make sure your customers expect your newsletter emails at a certain time every week. All you have to do is set it up!

2) A “Thank You” Email with a Receipt of Purchase

You’re probably familiar with this one if there’s a website you’ve bought from before. Right after buying a product or service from a company, you’re inbox will pop-up with an email whose subject line says something like, “Thank you for your purchase.” In the body of the email will be a receipt of your purchase with information about what you bought. In some cases, it could be a tracking number so you can check on your shipment’s status.

“Thank you” emails can also come after someone subscribes to your website. Of course, they can also come on Thanksgiving. Whatever it is, some of your emails should fall into this category.

3) The Opinion Email

No, this is not you giving your opinion to your customer. (Unless, of course, you’re sending them an opinion piece on something relevant in your industry.) This is the email in which you ask your followers for feedback. A kind of, “How are we doing?” email. In a structured way, either through a survey or questionnaire, you can ask them anything from how their experience was with buying your product, to any comments they want to make. Of course, you should use whatever information you gather from these emails to help improve your business as you go.

4) The Acknowledgement Email

This is the email that your customers look forward to most. Why? Because it shows you care about their business. The acknowledgment email is the email you send to your customers with the subject line, “Happy Birthday From All of Us At…(your company name)” with a discount included. It could be an email acknowledging that this particular customer has spent a lot of time on your site, adding items to their shopping cart, but ultimately, decided not to buy and you’re just checking in on them.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a “good excuse” to send out your emails, then hopefully, this will guide you. If your emails can fit into one of these categories, then you’re off to a great start. Best of all, The Mission Suite can help you automate these emails so you have even less to worry about. Request a demo to learn more!

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