Do Corporate Dashboards Make Business Operations Easier?

— September 7, 2017

Executive dashboards have become an integral part of businesses. In fact, corporate dashboards are used so commonly in companies that managers can’t imagine their lives without them. But, do they really create a significant enough impact on operations for managers to justify their usage?

Executive dashboards work on Graphical User Interface (GUI) technology which helps users organize and present data in a manner that is easily understandable. Important indices such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), sales figures, rates of profit and so on can be easily displayed on the dashboard. It’s safe to say that they are useful for day-to-day information sharing.

But, the question remains – is ease of data management the only reason managers use corporate dashboards?

A solution to all your operational inefficiencies?

Executive dashboards offer the users some unique benefits which help to make the day-to-day business operations more efficient. These include:

Simple to use

Users do not need specialized knowledge to use corporate dashboards. Additionally, dashboards can be integrated with various data sources. From Google Analytics to SQL databases, users can index and incorporate data from various sources.

Ease of data management

Corporate databases have in-built editing and design features. Users can use these to make changes to PowerPoint presentations, graphs, and excel documents. Data integration & segregation, analysis, conversion, and representation become much easier using the various editing and design features.

The dashboard is highly customizable. From company logos to statistical tools, users can incorporate anything they want on their dashboards.

Sharing of data in real-time

Executive dashboards help users access real-time market inputs. From changing customer purchase patterns to the company’s growing mailing list, dashboards keep updating data in real-time.

Dashboards are extremely dynamic and they help users chart KPIs and results with ease. Given that the data is updated in real-time, it is easy for managers to identify high-functioning areas and areas of low-performance. Instantaneous decisions can be taken and corrective action can be easily implemented.

Supports all devices

From smartphones to desktops, dashboards can be set up on any device. There is no limitation with regards to accessibility. Users can even share their screens with each other, across devices.

Ease in granting access and permissions

One of the best advantages of corporate dashboards is that they make information sharing easy and efficient. Imagine you have to give an important presentation. Minutes before the meeting you realize your PowerPoint slides are not up-to-date. Just give your colleagues/clients access to your dashboard and start the meeting.

Providing permissions and granting access to view, share or edit data is extremely easy on executive dashboards. You can choose to grant access to a specific person or give permission for a group of people to view your data.

Greater data security

As with the best of data management tools, dashboards are equipped with security software that helps users protect the integrity of their data. Unauthorized users cannot gain access to your data and administrators of the dashboards are notified immediately if there is an attempted hacking.

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