DIY Websites vs. Professional Builds

May 30, 2016


With all of the DIY Website platforms out there, is “website developer” becoming a job of the past?

Absolutely not! Although there are some great platforms out there, like Wix and Squarespace, it is critical that you evaluate your core business objectives before choosing the path between a DIY Website or going with a professional web development firm.

When DIY Makes Sense

There are certainly instances where a DIY website makes sense. Here are some scenarios, where I believe this is acceptable:

  • A start up
  • Your side project
  • A personal website
  • A very small business
  • A hobby, portfolio or Blogging site

If you are looking to develop a site fast with some basic visuals, then a DIY site makes sense for you. These brochure type sites are perfect if you don’t mind staying inside of preset templates.

When a Professional Build is Necessary

For most businesses and active professionals, a customized site is much better suited for you. Why?

  • A professional firm can build a completely customized site to fit your brand
  • A pro brings User Experience (UX) knowledge that is crucial to a successful site
  • A professional firm looks beyond the design elements to help you craft a marketing strategy so your new website works for you – not just a brochure
  • A pro can develop a site that incorporates mobile compatibility making sure it has omni-channel capabilities
  • A professional firm can help you integrate plugins, landing pages, Blogging capabilities and other premium features
  • A pro can help you ongoing by evaluating your site performance to ensure it is attracting the right traffic, and helping to convert that traffic into qualified leads.

Making the Decision

There is certainly a case that can be made for either option. A good way to make the final decision on which option to go with is to prioritize your most important elements: cost, time, flexibility, difficulty, the ongoing maintenance.

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