Digital Ways to Keep a Good Track of Your Business During Pandemic

Tracking your business has always been an important factor, but amidst the covid pandemic, it has become more crucial. In this era, where traditional businesses have turned into online businesses and everyone’s locked and working from home, it has become challenging for employers to track their employee performance and daily operations.

In such a case, business management software is the right rescuer that helps you maintain sanity and guide you through different actions and missions.

These digital tools help you explore your functionings and offer services like task management, action reporting, project tracking, etc.

List Of Digital Ways To Track Your Business In The Time Of Covid-19

Here is a list of some best business tools listed under their specified categories that can give you real-time tracking of your business and helps you augment your performance in this new normal.

Security Tools

While talking about your business performance in a covid-19 situation, you cannot ignore the threats it might have in cyberspace. According to Statista, 10% of the businesses in the US faced a ransomware attack last year and paid the redemption as a result.

Rumors have it that these companies were reckless and did not apply the curative conducts and techniques, which left the door open for hackers to liftoff their clash.

This issue might seem petty to you, but data breaching can bring a lot of disruptions to your business. To avoid this, make sure to adopt excellent security tools that help you maintain robust cybersecurity and protect your data from end to end.

Such as,

· Syxense

Synexe makes your endpoint easy and provides dashboards that ensure all endpoints within your organization are secure. The tool is the world’s first IT management and security solution that syndicates susceptibility scanning, patch management, and endpoint protection, all in single cloud support.
Digital Ways to Keep a Good Track of Your Business During Pandemic

Syxense employs artificial intelligence, which helps in predicting and eliminating security threats and provides security teams with the real-time experience to monitor malicious menaces and insight into endpoints across the network.

· Life Lock

With the cyber-safe mission, LifeLock works to identify theft and threats. It inspects evolving risks and protects trends and data to ensure the digital safety of the organizations.

Its feature includes:

  • Cloud backup for windows PCs, ad-tracker blocker, virus protection, etc.
  • The tool can also provide attributes of dark web supervising, fictitious identity checking, id verification monitoring, etc.
  • It also provides you with an alert of crimes happening under your tag via its privacy monitor.

Digital Ways to Keep a Good Track of Your Business During Pandemic

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This all in one protection tool detects threats, reimburse and block the rigorous risks that might be a danger to your business data.

Project Management Software

Your business during the covid pandemic cannot thrive in the industry if you are not leveraging project managing with it. Project management gives an insight into your plan and analyzes if the progress is tracked and reported accurately or not.

In these covid lockdowns, stakeholders should not ignore using project managing tools. If they do, effective business management will then only become their dream but never a reality.

Here are our two best-picked project management tools that can help you track and complete your business project effectively.

· Zoho Projects

Zoho projects help you manage and track your tasks effortlessly from start to finish. Its all-inclusive dashboards provide you with complete prospects over your endeavors, including an overall analysis of employee assignments, pending tasks, and other articles.

Digital Ways to Keep a Good Track of Your Business During Pandemic

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With its en suite close reports and reimbursement displays, you’ll never forego a transactional deadline again.

The tool has separate dashboards associated with different tasks that provide you insightful details, track ongoing activities, completion statuses, etc., all under a single roof.

With Zoho, you can also trace movement over a specific period and get alerts when the goal is achieved.

· nTask

nTask includes an array of features that help you meet your project successfully. The tool emanates with robust, intuitive sections that provide a multi-dimensional resolution to all your design needs.

This solo platform cooperates and traces your task performance without swapping applications. Using nTask, you can also get a hint of what lies in the future of your project lifecycle.

Digital Ways to Keep a Good Track of Your Business During Pandemic

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Its prominent features include:

  • Systematic workflow that lets you add details as you move forward with the project.
  • Smart metrics to resolve upcoming issues proactively.
  • Protection from potential hazards through documented risks.
  • Integrated Gantt charts and auto-generating timesheets to track project performance.

According to a Harvard business survey, companies that employ project management techniques save 28 times more capital than those who don’t, and 47% of the businesses using project management tools say it had a positive impact on the accurateness of project expense estimates.

Finance Management Software

In this covid era, when traditional businesses are seeing no boost and frauds are on the verge, companies need to maintain a secure financial system using KYC and AML compliance programs.

The AML software is top picked finance tool that provides stakeholders with real-time analysis of their assets and provides deep transaction monitoring with better trade surveillance. This software is exploited in backing and legal industries to encounter the legitimate prerequisites of financial organizations and other legalized units to avert and crash money laundering activities.

Digital Ways to Keep a Good Track of Your Business During Pandemic

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Now talking about KYC software. This software analyzes customer risk and implicates knowing a customer’s identity, their monetary activities, and the threats they pose.

Generally, large enterprises and banks need to revise their client’s KYC updates to reduce the risk of identity theft, burglary, financial fraud, money laundering, and financing of criminal groups.

KYC tools help in understanding the clientele’s pattern and combat financial risks. It contains three components.

  • Customer identification program
  • Customer due diligence
  • Continuous monitoring

It is essential for companies today to adopt KYC and AML programs, so they are at the least threat of illegal financial activities like burglary and money laundering.

Marketing Tools

Like other tools, marketing tools are also important to upsurge your sales in this pandemic era. Maintaining a robust online presence and other marketing trends helps but with the adoption of the right marketing tools, you can track the insights better.

Below are top-picked and the most loved marketing tools that businesses are employing to analyze their customer behavior and accelerate sales.

· Adinton

Adinton is a comprehensive marketing optimization complement that includes tools for your marketing ascription.

Digital Ways to Keep a Good Track of Your Business During Pandemic

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This tool tracks your advertising spent, visits, and conversions and reverts to you with results on how effective your strategies were and what outcomes they delivered.

Once you have an insight into your campaign, adinton lets you take measures to improve your drive and utilize your marketing tactics more effectively.

· Hubspot

Hubspot contains powerful tools that help your business grow with amplified sales. Such as email marketing.

With its in-built drag and drop editor, supreme deliverability, HubSpot lets you nurture leads and accelerates conversions without a need of an IT person to get you started.

Digital Ways to Keep a Good Track of Your Business During Pandemic

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It also includes marketing dashboards that help you track stations with high engagement, tactics generating significant leads, and helps you track your business performance over time.

Increase Your Safety Online

Although maintaining a robust online presence is essential for businesses, especially in this covid-19 situation but you should also not neglect the threats that might come along.

When you are working hard marketing your brand, it crucial to invest in the right safety trends simultaneously, so your and your customer’s data is on the safe side or is less exposed to cyber threats.

To stay at the back from malware, phishing emails, and other cybersecurity threats, consider:

Choosing VPN Over Public Wi-Fi

To protect your data from breaches, make sure you don’t use public Wi-Fi. Instead, you can consider using a VPN because it is much safer than connecting your device with a public network that doesn’t have any additional digital protection.

VPN foils your data from being snooped and prevents your device from getting infected by malware. However, you should be vigilant while using the free VPN tool as it can have chances of a third party pocketing your data.

Installing Antivirus

Antivirus software is essential to adopt as it detects threats of malware and other malicious activities and helps your business combat them.

For better protection, it is recommended to buy a paid tool according to the needs of your business than opting for the free one. Free software lacks necessary alerts that can leave a door open for hackers to breach your records.


It is important to keep a keen eye on your business especially in this pandemic time when many businesses are almost on the line to their end. In order to keep your business alive, utilize digital tools and software to remain updated. I wish you the best of luck with your business.

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