Creating Great Visuals for Social Media

by Bonnie Harris January 22, 2016
January 22, 2016

social mediaVisual media is an important element of your marketing. It grabs the attention of the viewer and tells a meaningful story in a glance. Visuals help you create brand recognition, highlight events, promote products and create a curated catalog of your business.

The kiss of death for any visual social media is poor-quality photos. You don’t want blurriness, undersaturation and low exposure to distract from the content of the photo. There are many ways you can go about the production of your social media photos, ranging from a professional photographer to a high-quality smartphone camera. The following tips will help you create the best photos and videos for your social media marketing campaigns:

Professional Photographer

If you have the funds for a professional photographer, hire one. Professional photographers have the artistic expertise and the camera equipment needed to produce outstanding photos. The photographer should at the very least have three different lenses, a tripod, a detachable flash and studio lights. You can generally hire a photographer for a project-based rate, rather than an hourly rate.

Make sure to check out online profiles when you shop around for a photographer. A portfolio gives you an idea of the photographer’s range; it reveals if he or she is a one-trick pony or if he or she can take high-quality photos in multiple genres with a variation in tone.

DIY Digital SLR

If you own a digital SLR, you are more than capable of taking your own social media marketing photos. If you’re unfamiliar with your camera’s functions, visit an online tutorial, such as Karl Taylor’s free photography course. The course has over 22 lectures and 2 hours of content to help you learn quickly and effectively.

Important elements you should keep in mind are how you will transfer your camera’s photos and footage onto your social media platform. Since Instagram only works on smartphones, upload your SLR photos and videos into a cloud program that can be accessed through an app. Google Drive is an excellent cloud program that supports 15GB of storage space.

Smartphone Cameras

Smartphone camera photography and video capabilities have grown exponentially in the past few years. The main camera on the HTC One is 20 megapixels, which enables it to capture the small details and artfully adjust to the conditions of your environment. The camera has an adjoined photo and video editor that enhances the visual elements and creates special effects.

The iPhone 6s also has notable camera capabilities. It captures 12-megapixel still photos and has advanced pixel focus. There is increased stabilization in the phone, which helps prevent blurry photos and lets the sharp details stand out.

Editing Apps

Refine your smartphone photos with an editing app. While your camera can capture a sharp photo with a stunning depth of field, it still needs some enhancement for extra allure. “VSCO Cam” is an app that boasts a rich collection of filters and editing tools. It provides you with the primary capabilities, such as contrast, temperature, color filters, sharpen, horizon adjustment and saturation. The app doesn’t degrade the pixel quality of your photo, unlike other editing apps.

The iPhone 6s comes with “iMovie” for video editing. This app enhances your video, but it must be uploaded as HD to withstand any degradation of pixel quality.

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