Common Trial Conversion Activities Help Customer Success “See the Light”

October 4, 2015

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If you’re not great at math and you pine for a metric that isn’t calculated by an equation, today is your lucky day. Ever hear of CCA? SaaS growth strategist, Lincoln Murphy, created a measurement called Common Conversion Activities—and it’s not a number. (yay!)

In its simplest form, CCA is defined as things that all or most paying customers do during their trial period. In other words, these are the actions that most often lead to a conversion.

The beauty of this metric is that anyone can compute it. All it takes is sharp hindsight and a sharp pencil. Let’s have a look at the customer trials you’ve conducted over the past year and record your CCAs. Some of your trial conversion activities will be specific to your solution, but many will be common to most SaaS trials.

Break down trial activity into these two parts and watch for buying signals from both:

  1. Product usage
  2. Offline engagement

Product UsageOffline Engagement Initial login / Frequency of loginsAsk a “how-to” question Create an activity or projectEngage with your staff Add a customerRequest a report Conduct a searchSuggest a feature/function not seen Run a reportAsk for a trial extension for further testing Assign a taskDemo your solution to a colleague Accrue usage statsInquire about pricing

Another helpful way of looking at CCA is the customer story.

Were the goals set for the trial achieved, making the buying decision easy?
Are there particular trial personas that you can identify for future success?
Can you pinpoint behaviors that were indicators of non-converted trials?

The CCA metric is useful in special scenarios, too, such as specific verticals or high-end solutions. Buying behaviors unique to these cases can be used to predict strong likelihood of trial conversions.

By the way, you’re not entirely off the hook on the math thing just yet. The best CCAs are still data-driven. Track your trial usage stats against conversions for more concrete results and test them.

Common Conversion Activities highlight behaviors that predict purchases. Count me among the converted!

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