Cheers To Better Product Videos: Big Red Liquors Shows Us How


Michelle Downs      November 18, 2014

We nominate videos for a Candi Award if they exemplify one or more of five characteristics: real, simple, fun, fresh, and/or clever. Big Red Liquors tasting videos are an ongoing video series that (currently) covers all things bourbon without all the complications of producing a product review video, which is why it deserves a nominee for keeping things simple.

How simple is this video?

Similar to the style of the Jay Today web series, Big Red Liquors, (an Indiana based company), produces ongoing tasting videos featuring some of the company’s finest bourbons, a brief history of that bourbon, and a little B-Roll.

What can we learn from this video?

The videos that Big Red produces are actually product videos. Their goal is to get people to come in and try these products, and what better way to do that then to showcase some of their best liquor? Yes, it’s kind of a review of a particular bourbon each time (right now, anyway), but it’s also product placement for the brand that they sell at their store.

Use B-Roll to add diversity to your video series

These videos show just how easy it is to get B-Roll and how dramatic of an effect B-Roll can have on a video. B-Roll is extremely helpful with these videos because, yes, Matt (Big Red’s bourbon connoisseur), sits and samples bourbon in each video, but the B-Roll helps to add diversify to them, so they don’t all look exactly the same.

You can get B-Roll of anything

These videos are also proof that you can get B-Roll of just about anything. In this case, Big Red got some close-up shots of the bottle, the pouring of the bourbon, and even a shot of them tasting the bourbon. With B-Roll, you can shoot the same thing 50 different ways and it can still be interesting because of the angle or composition.

Fooling yourself into thinking that you can’t get any B-Roll shots is crazy.

Templates save time

Big Red knows that if they’re going to produce, say, 100 of these videos, then they need some type of template to use, so they can get their videos out there quickly, but still look great. If you’re going for volume, then you need something that you don’t have to think about. Set a routine for your video series. Because odds are, you won’t have enough to produce a mass amount of videos that are all completely different within a reasonable time frame.

What are some ways you keeps your videos simple? Post them in the comments below!

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