Building a 4-Hour-a-Week Business

October 31, 2015

We all want to make sure that we use whatever time we have in the best way possible. Wasting away free time is not something that we should adopt as a lifestyle. In fact, we should do the opposite.

We need to make sure that we do not have a single moment to waste. That is the only way one can live their life to the fullest. Some people do this by adopting hobbies and looking into old past times. But a true economic developer does this by thinking of ways that help him or her earn more money. This does not mean people who want to build efficient businesses are greedy. This just means that they want to utilize their time in a way that is bound to give them effective results. One way to do this is to open a 4-hour a week side business. A side business is great for a lot of reasons. It may be helpful to give you some extra money that you need to make your original business plan work. When money becomes tight, having a side inflow of cash can be extremely helpful.

As more and more people aspire to become entrepreneurs, the necessity for side businesses increases dramatically. This side business helps many people run their homes and lives more smoothly and also helps them gain some knowledge about the ways of the world if they ever decide to start something on their own. There are a lot of cases where people have entered a field and then decided to pursue it as their primary career due to the success that they faced. This is the typical entrepreneurial story of someone who wants to make a few bucks, and then turns it into a real business.

Though this does not happen often, it is still enough motivation to start a side business for a lot of us. It is still better than taking loans aside from the full-time job that we work on. However, no matter your reason to pursue it, it is still a very big step to start a side business and many people face a lot of difficulties while initializing and running it after a while. Sometimes this is due to the fact that they cannot manage their time between multiple activities and sometimes it may be because people did not properly understand the time commitment involved.

My most important tip is to not start with something that is very difficult or on a very large scale. That is not how you start a side business. If you plan to give it only 4 hours a week then make sure that it is something that deserves only 4 hours and not a lot more than that. If that doesn’t happen, you may not be able to handle the workload required by the side business and it may end up causing you a lot of trouble rather than bring profits to you. So the most basic thing that you need to consider is to pick up something easy and simple that does not require a lot of attention or hard work on your part.

The effort you put in at this stage of your life will help save a lot of effort on your part in the future. Also make sure that you have a few friends who wish to buy whatever product you have decided to make. This will help reduce the amount of investment you need to do for the marketing of your product. It’s important that you already have someone who is willing to try your product before you start. This is an added advantage of having customers before making the investment of starting a new venture. And when you’ve established the business make sure that you hire someone with whom you can hand the work off to after sometime, so you don’t get bogged down.

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