Bizible Adds Offline Events To B2B Sales Attribution Platform

Offline events, conferences and more can be tracked and modeled along with online activities to understand sales impact from all channels.


Events & Conferences are now included in the marketing attribution mix.

Bizible is hoping to solve the now age-old problem B2B marketers have in understanding how event attendance and digital marketing work together to generate sales.

The two-year-old Seattle-based marketing attribution firm announced Friday the launch of omni-channel attribution in the platform to help businesses understand and track offline attribution for events such as trade shows and conferences.

“From keywords to conferences, we now cover attribution across all B2B channels in one data warehouse,” says Bizible CEO Aaron Bird.

Bird explains that they link marketing activity from all the typical online B2B channels, such as paid search, SEO and social, with offline channels including webinars, events and conferences, outbound calls and partnerships. The offline data gets pulled in from CRMs and marketing automation platforms.

Once all of that data is brought into the Bizible platform, it applies multi-touch, account-based attribution to distribute revenue, leads, opportunities, etc., to each marketing channel. The multi-touch piece ensures every touch point gets attributed, from initial discovery to closed sale. The account-based attribution accounts for all the people involved in influencing the decision-making process in the business.

“The real win here is that this is the first time B2B marketers can tell how a conference performed alongside paid search or social.  This hasn’t been done before in a turnkey, purpose-built attribution platform,” says Bird.

For example, say a buyer’s journey begins with LinkedIn as the first anonymous touch, Google Adwords as the lead conversion touch, then a conference event was the touch that led to this company converting to a demo. Bizible is able to line up all these touches — whether online or offline — and attribute appropriate revenue credit to each; giving B2B marketers and CMOs a complete view of how their efforts are paying off in terms of business value.”

Bizible says its platform is currently used by hundreds of customers, including Optimizely, Kaplan, Trulia and ADP.

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