9 Marketing Blogs You Should at Least Pretend to Know

By , Published November 3, 2014

As an online marketer, or someone who is interested in marketing, you probably start your work day with reading relevant marketing blogs and catching up with the latest marketing news and trends. It’s nice to have a good read while drinking your morning coffee, isn’t it?

I have my very own list of blogs that not only help me stay up-to-date with what’s hot in the industry, but provide me with so-called evergreen knowledge. They publish high-quality, relevant and comprehensive marketing insights. Here they are:

1. Adobe Digital Marketing Blog

Adobe’s digital marketing blog is a sleek, organized resource for marketers to read up on the newest trends in advertising, analytics, campaign management, search marketing, social media, marketing news and more. While many digital marketing blogs can’t help but get a bit messy with the mounds of content pouring from their pages, Adobe avoids this by allowing you to navigate through the blog with ease.

2. Hubspot Blog

HubSpot has made a name for itself in the online marketing realm with its popular software designed for small, medium and large businesses. Its blog is anything but boring, with catchy and detailed infographics. HubSpot’s material is informative, accessible and easy – check out the marketing library to see all of HubSpot’s marketing content in one place.

3. CopyBlogger

Content marketers have been able to go to CopyBlogger for the scoop on how to create content that drives traffic and catches the eye since 2006. CopyBlogger posts five to six articles a week about content marketing trends, in a straightforward topical way that hasn’t gone unnoticed by industry professionals. Advertising Age ranked CopyBlogger as one of the top marketing blogs in 2013.

4. Positionly blog

Postionly’s bread and butter is SEO along with its service that allows users to track their websites’ position and online performance against competitors. The company’s blog is also a great resource for marketers. Composed blog posts geared toward highly specialized online marketers looking to perfect their craft and avoid the pitfalls of passé marketing techniques.

5. Quick Sprout blog

Neil Patel – the cofounder of KissMetrics and the man The Wall Street Journal called a top influencer on the web – founded this one-stop shop for marketing professionals. Patel writes about business on his blog Quick Sprout, giving tips on anything from how to gain more Instagram followers to understanding consumer psychology. Quick Sprout offers online tutorials for marketers (for a price) with Quick Sprout University.

6. Marketo blog

Marketo’s popular customer engagement platform gives it an edge when it comes to knowing what makes for quality content. Marketo’s blog is a plentiful resource when it comes to sharable marketing information. Whether you’re a budding professional looking to learn the ropes or a seasoned expert, Marketo is a sure way to keep up to date on the latest marketing trends.

7. Unmarketing

President and frequent contributor, Scott Stratten, operates under the credo, “Stop marketing. Start Engaging,” when it comes to his blog, UnMarketing. The website uses a blend of blog posts and podcasts geared toward promoting the practice of authentic, customer-centric marketing.

8. Business 2 Community

Well, I guess I don’t have to introduce this one. B2C’s web page is dense, which is both good and bad news – you could get lost in its many verticals. B2C’s contributors write on both business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing topics, so it offers a wider collection of material to choose from.

9. Heidi Cohen

Holding the position as both a marketing expert and recognized blogger, Heidi Cohen’s actionable marketing guide is a good one to know if you’re curious about social media and mobile marketing insights. Cohen’s writing is simplified and to the point so beginners won’t feel left out. Her posts are practical and might be considered a bit elementary for some, but a great launching point nonetheless.

What are your favourite and most precious marketing blogs that you read on a daily basis? I’d love to hear where you take your knowledge and inspiration from!

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