7 Website Tips for Better Conversions

by Matt Pollnow December 26th, 2014



Here are some easy tips to make sure your website can convert visits to leads.

Proper Landing Pages

Whether you are engaging in paid search, SEO or social media campaigns, it’s crucial to make sure your ads, social posts, organic search results or any online promotion lead a click immediately to the proper page.

Getting a visitor to the homepage may not be enough. Most business websites have many various product pages, so make sure your landing page speaks to the search query and potential customers get the information they are looking for after the first click.

Call To Action

As most business websites do function to gather leads, making sure you have a visible call to action is important. Too many times the contact forms get lost if they are included as just another link in the main navigation.

Make sure the call to action stands out and is easily visible. Using bright colours in a button format or easy to use contact forms embedded on every page will make sure a visitor finds an easy way to reach you no matter what page of your site they visit.

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A/B Testing

Many websites contain multiple pages that are important to their sales or lead generation funnel. Setting up an A/B test and reviewing the results will allow you know which user experience converts the best.

Whether its messaging, visuals or trying 2 different contact forms, taking the time to test how the options perform will show you the best setup for these pages and minimize those missed opportunities.

Relevant Content

Businesses have competitors, and in a lot of instances you will need to rely on your website to not only get your message across, but to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Avoid using canned marketing taglines and make sure your landing pages include relevant content.

Make an effort to show what makes your business unique and trustworthy with engaging and fresh copy.

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Social Icons

One way to create ongoing unique and relevant content is through consistent blogging. It also allows you to continuously promote your products and services.

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Having the various social media icons attached to blog posts makes it easy for visitors to share your posts with others and expand your reach. While the impact may not be immediate, taking this easy step to expand your audience can eventually lead to both increased and repeat conversions.

Get Above The Fold

While it’s an old print term from newspaper publishing, it’s still widely used for web design.

For newspapers this meant placing the important stories or images on the top half of the paper where they could be seen and sell more copies. For websites, it’s just as important to make sure your most valuable features and calls to action are immediately visible at the top of your webpage and not lower where a user would need to scroll down, and ultimately be less likely to see your conversion points.

Images & Video

Not all visitors to your website will take the time to read lengthy copy or descriptions about your products.

Having images or short videos to provide product demonstrations or even give testimonials about your services is another good way to increase your leads and make sure your site can reach and engage the different personality types that visit your site. Don’t believe me?

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7 Website Tips for Better Conversions

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