7 Ways to Manage Your Reputation Online

March 1, 2015

Online Reputation ManagementThe online world is a very massive world with thousands of people engaged each and every single day. As such, the internet can either be a place to gain success or a place to have yourself, your career, or even both, destroyed, mostly due to bad reputations. Speaking of which, you may want to find out how you can possibly have a good reputation on the World Wide Web pages. Well, fortunately enough for you, here are 7 ways to manage your reputation online.

1. Search for Yourself

Yes, this may sound rather awkward at first. However, you definitely do not want others to be abusing your name over the internet, do you? A simple Google search should do the trick. Better yet, you can even ask Google to notify you whenever a new content with your name or identity comes online. This way, you can verify whether the content is legitimate or it is actually not from you at all.

2. Purchase a Domain

There are plenty of domains you can choose these days. One good example is perhaps GoDaddy. When it comes to domain, some people suggest that you buy as many domains as possible, such as the one with the .com suffix, .net suffix, .org suffix and so on. Yet, this may not prove to be entirely effective, to be honest. Instead, it is perhaps better to simply stick with one domain but make sure that you put a lot of efforts onto that domain of yours. You can even write a short version of your biography as well, so as to attract even more visitors to the site.

3. Place It All There

Unlike the old days, there are now plenty of sites that offer nicely designed templates as well as a comprehensive set of features ever needed for creating a website. Sites like Weebly, Tumblr and WordPress are just a few to name. So, it is better if you choose one of such sites, build your website there and, if you already have a domain, point it to the site you have created with the sites mentioned before. Basically, you need to place everything in just one place.

4. Be Social

Yes, you may not have the time required to be engaged too much in social networks. However, it is still good for you to actually join the sites and try to complete your profile. You do not necessarily have to be very active on these sites. However, you do need to interact every now and then, at least with the people you follow and, most importantly, those who follow you.

5. Strengthen Your Online Presence

One of the features you can use at social networks these days is to put your names into the site URL. Typically, you can place your name at the end of the URL. For instance, you can use www.twitter.com/yourname so that people will find you more easily.

6. Separate Private from Public Matters

You know what, there are things which are not to be consumed by other people. These things are private. For instance, you do not want to post your private pictures to the web. Yes, social networks do have settings to make sure that private contents can only be seen by a select few of people allowed by you. However, if you share private pictures, even only with your select friends, those friends can actually forward those pictures to others. So, you have got to be careful with this one.

7. Remove Undesired Contents ASAP

Sometimes, you may happen to notice that some private photos of you, or your telephone number, for examples, have been posted online. When this happens, you should take immediate action to get those contents removed from the web, before someone has the chance to capture or save the contents onto their computer.

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