7 Key Factors To Achieve Greater Success In All Aspects Of Life

February 11, 2015

Most of realize that eating good food is beneficial to a healthy and productive lifestyle. Putting a high grade fuel in your vehicle will also improve performance. The role of a motivational speaker is similar in that their input into people’s lives acts as a catalyst for change and normally improvement in one or more elements of life.

You might be surprised to learn that companies often pay fees in excess of $ 50,000 for a 40 minute keynote presentation by a top motivational speaker. That’s $ 1,250 for every minute of talking and more than most people earn for a whole years work!

If you have 250 employees in an audience with an average salary of $ 40,000 that’s an annual wage bill of $ 10,000,000. The speaker’s fee of $ 50k will startle people as a gross amount of money to earn for less than an hours works. Now, look at the investment in another way, it is a fantastic way of reaching and inspiring all 250 employees at once. The speaker is highly worthwhile investment, equivalent to eating healthy food or putting high grade fuel into your vehicle. You accept the high cost and get the results based on performance improvement. For reference most professional speakers fees are between the $ 5,000 – $ 15,000 for keynotes.

If you have read motivational books or attended a conference by one of the many well known speakers you might not have realized that a lot of the content is very similar. There really are only a few ways in which you can tell people how to ‘make it happen’. The difference a speaker brings is that they back up their story with actions, often very interesting challenges that they have taken to prove their advice works.

As business professionals and normal people we also need constant reminding, which public speakers do to enable us to perform to the best of our abilities whether in the office or at home.

There are seven key points that motivational speakers impart that you can add today to help you perform better and achieve more in life. Success is achieved when all of them are combined effectively.

Are you happy being you or do you aspire to be or do something different? Ask your partner or colleague at work to do this for you. Invite criticism as the more you receive the better the effects of change will be. Write it down and save it for future reference. Now look at the seven points to follow and apply yourself to each:

#1 Vision And Long Term Goal Setting

Goals On Dartboard Shows Aspirations

Decide who you want to be and what steps you can do to ‘make it happen.’ Create short and long term goals. Short term achievements are normally those that will benefit you and take you on your path towards your long term goal. Examples here might include studying to improve promotion chances or a career change, planning a family, purchasing a home or volunteering overseas.

#2 Leadership

Leadership Skills

We all need leadership skills. Some are better than others and like to be leaders, others like to be led. If you are going to push yourself to achieve greater things in life then you will need to lead yourself so this is a skill you should be constantly developing. Achievement comes only as a result of making decisions. Strong companies are run by effective leaders who make decisions based on the goals they have set. Leadership is found in every aspect of our lives and a strong characteristic of successful people. An informative infographic you can read on Characteristics of a Good Leader.

#3 Change Management & Handling Obstacles

Change Management & Handling Obstacles

Life is unpredictable and we have change coming at us every day. Change comes from family matters, the economy, natural disasters, health and many more unknowns that people are forced to deal with. How we handle these obstacles that get in our way influences whether or not we can achieve our long term goals. Staying focused on your vision, looking forwards and not backwards will put you in the best position to deal with these problems which will come at you many times on your journey.

#4 Communication


Almost everything we do in life involves communicating with other people. It’s no surprise that the best communicators are in the best jobs as statesmen, heads of governing bodies, television presenters, doctors, CEO’s etc.

Communication is a skill everybody can learn and improve on. A strong communicator as history shows can often gain the respect and empowerment of others to great effect. It is very easy to learn from others around you every day of what effective communication sounds like. Importantly also observe and learn how little response people get when communicating badly.

#5 Achieving Your Own Peak Performance

Achieving Your Own Peak Performance

Most people would like to have achieved their goals (February 12, 2015). Some would like to retire early and others will look at setting a new target. No matter what your end game is nobody wants to spend more time than they need to getting there. To get there as fast as possible we need to optimize our own levels of performance so as not to waste time. First of all you need to evaluate your own performance levels and then work out what level you can and would prefer to operate at in your chosen field.

There are many ways in which people optimize their output. Don’t automatically think that it’s about putting more hours in. Many people find time management or changing a routine causes significant improvement. By reviewing your current performance levels, your potential levels and creating a plan you will be taking a significant forwards to achieving positive change.

#6 Teamwork


Nobody succeeds without the help of others. Look at the greatest explorers, entrepreneurs, Olympic champions in individual sports and even authors. These are people who have achieved success because they have had teams behind them, support from family or have read and researched the views of others.

If you are going to be more successful in life improving your teamwork skills is essential. Do not confuse being a good leader with being a team player. The best leaders are also great team players. You don’t have to like everyone you interact with but you should respect them and help and offer advice when appropriate.

#7 Reinvent Yourself

Creating Sustainability

If you have a long term goal and stick to it you have created your sustainable plan for self-fulfillment. You will overcome obstacles, some almost stopping you on your way.

It’s likely that over time you will need to tweak your goals to allow for changes in your objectives. In thinking this way you create your own sustainability programme. Consider this as your own cushion against falling back into old ways and off your chosen path forwards. Highly successful people have an ability to constantly reinvent themselves by adjusting their own paths by adding new challenges on the way. That’s sustainability.

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