6 Essential Google My Business Tips to Resolve Low Ranking Issues

October 2, 2015

Google My Business (GMB) is an essential tool used by small businesses to apply a significant fingerprint in local search. Since there is a vast assortment of local businesses that provide similar products or services, it is extremely important that their GMB listing is completely accurate. Failure to do so may result in the business appearing significantly lower in local search results and the SERP. Below are some helpful tips to ensure that your Google My Business listing is up to par.

Are your business categories correct?

Ensure that the categories selected for your business are correct and not stretching the truth about the product or services being provided. For example, an insurance attorney should not select insurance agency as one of their categories if they in fact do not sell or provide insurance.

Violating Google guidelines?

Google is constantly changing what does and does not violate its ever-expanding policies. What may have been allowed a year ago could change in a moments notice. Be sure to keep up with Google’s policies here.

Duplicate listings?

Has your business moved? Did you create a new GMB account without deleting the old one? These scenarios may drastically affect how people find your business. Moving locations can result in your business’ information and map pin becoming outdated and incorrect. Be sure to adjust your business’ address within the GMB interface upon moving. Note that it could take quite some time for the location to adjust on the map and is sometimes best practice to call GMB support to inform them of the adjustment.

Search Google+ for phone numbers

Does the number in your GMB account match the number on your Google+ account? Advertising different numbers on these platforms can negatively impact your NAP resulting in lower local search rankings. Also, it is prudent to search Google+ to ensure no other business is accidentally advertising your phone number. Ownership of phone numbers can change from one organization to another overtime.

Is the map pin EXACTLY correct?

Although the pin on the map seems to hover over your location, Google may have accidentally assigned your address to separate location nearby. Use the location pin on the Google map to determine if the address highlighted matches yours. If the location pin does not match your address, continue to re-place location pins around the map until you’ve found the location Google has matched for your address.

Is Street View accurate?

Take a moment to view the picture assigned to your address on Google Street View. Does the picture match your business location or is it outdated? If there is a mismatch contact Google to update the image.

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