5 Secrets of a Super-Effective Promo Video

— April 16, 2017

Whatever it is you’re promoting, a promotional video can be a great way to express your message, and yield fantastic results.

However, the promo will only be successful if you put the right time and effort into it and ensure that it ticks all boxes in terms of the end result being something which your audience actually want to watch and engage with!

With that in mind, here are five secrets which could help you create a promo video which you’re truly proud of, and that will really resonate with your viewers.

1. The Script Is Key

The script is the foundation for your video, so it’s crucial that you spend plenty of time making sure that you get it spot on, so that the video is engaging and informative for the viewers.

Make sure to note down all of the main points that the video needs to cover before you start anything else.

Then, once you start work on the script, make sure you work these points into the script as quickly and succinctly as possible.

However, while you want to make sure to get your points across, be sure that it doesn’t turn into a boring lecture!

Try to picture yourself actually saying the words that you’re writing down or maybe even record yourself reading them out to see how it all flows.

Does it sound conversational, or more like a rehearsed sales pitch?

2. Don’t Overlook The Visuals

While the informational content of the video is the most important thing, it’s crucial that you don’t overlook the importance of making your promo visually appealing too.

There’s nothing duller than a straightforward video of a talking head or a static slideshow, so try to jazz things up with some clever editing, effects and animations.

Things have come a long way since the days of Windows Movie Maker, and there is plenty of really good free video editing software out there, as you can see in this list from TechRadar.

3. Include A Strong Call To Action

Another thing which many promo videos forget about is the call to action, which is surely the entire point of a promo!

According to the guys at Sound & Colour: “If you aren’t pointing the viewers towards some kind of conversion, what’s the point of making the video at all?

“Whether you’re telling the viewer to visit your website, follow you on Facebook or Twitter, purchase a product, visit your store, or indeed, anything else, make sure that you cover it in the video!”

You can see an example of such a call to action in Sound & Colour’s showreel, a project completed for a design studio, fully showcasing their services but also encouraging an action to be taken!

4. Test It Out On A Sample Audience

Once the video is put together, don’t just rush it out straight away. Instead, take it for a test drive, showing it to members of staff and even friends and family before launching.

Ask questions such as “did the points come across clearly?”, “was it visually appealing?” and “would it compel you to take action after watching?”.

It can sometimes be difficult to properly take a step back and look at your video with honesty after you’ve spent so long working on it, so a second opinion can be invaluable for helping you to fine tune the final product.

5. Don’t Stop Promotion At The Launch

Your work doesn’t stop when the video goes live, and you need to ensure that you promote it well to ensure it gets the biggest reach possible.

This could mean sending it out as part of an email newsletter, posting on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, or better yet, all of the above!

Here are some top tips from Animoto on how best to promote your video once it’s been made.

If you follow the tips above and invest some real time and effort into it, you’re sure to see some good results from your video. Best of luck!

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