5 Landing Page Mistakes Hurting Your Results

by Matt Jobs May 24, 2016
May 24, 2016

5DeadlyLandingPageMistakesBlogWhen you’re trying to convert your website visitors into leads, the most effective way to do so is through landing pages. This is where you offer your potential client an answer to the problem that brought them to your site in the first place.

Your landing page is your time to shine in the eyes of your future customers, so don’t fall into bad landing page habits that can hurt your results. If you fall victim to any of the mistakes below, don’t worry, though, because it’s not too late to make changes to increase the performance of your landing pages.

Here are the top landing page mistakes to avoid:

  • Disorganized appearance: The overall design of your landing page should be clean, crisp, and inviting. Your landing page should feature only one offer. More than that and your potential leads may get confused or their eyes may drift to a different part of the page.

It’s imperative that you get rid of the navigation bar. You want your visitors to see only this page and not have the option to easily leave, thereby avoiding your offer and you losing a potential customer. If you get rid of the navigation bar, you’ll see an increase in your leads.

  • Pointless images: Visuals are important for landing pages, but ones that have nothing to do with what you’re offering can hurt your lead generation. Instead, use images that showcase the offer being promoted on your landing page. Do you have an eBook that can position you as a thought leader in your space? Include images of the eBook to entice your landing page visitors to fill out the form and download it.

  • Weak and unappealing headlines: Headlines should grab visitors’ attention and pull their eyes down the page to read more. Weak headlines, specifically ones that leave your visitors in the dark, are ineffective and a waste of page space. Keep your headlines short and optimize your page with the keywords you’re trying to rank for to ensure that your headlines work for you, not against you.

  • Lame calls to action: Your call to action (CTA), much like your headline, needs to be strong and have a drawing power. A CTA is arguably the most important component of your landing page because visitors see it before they click to your landing page. CTAs with little explanation of your offer that doesn’t speak to the needs of your website visitor won’t get you clicks. Instead, use an eye-catching, graphically designed CTA with a clear description of your offer.

  • Sluggish page speed: According to com, the average human attention span as of 2015 was only 8.25 seconds. That’s 0.75 seconds less than a goldfish! If a page is slow and unresponsive, your potential lead will get bored and find someone else who can solve their problem at a faster rate. Keep your code clean to keep your page speedy.

Now that you’re aware of the common landing page mistakes, you can work to avoid them and successfully convert visitors into leads, making your business grow.



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