5 Essential Corporate Video Tips For Creating Amazing Video

June 17, 2015

Are you struggling to know where to start when it comes to corporate video? In this guide I run through the top 5 corporate video tips which I think you should consider when you are looking to produce your own corporate video.

Corporate Video is Fun!

Do you think of video production as tiresome and boring? Well it absolutely is not. Video production is a fun and exciting way of engaging viewers in your product, service or offering. I believe it is crucial to enjoy your video production project, as your drive and enthusiasm for it will be reflected in your finished video. By having the enthusiasm to take the time to think about the points below you are only going to be more likely to produce a video which is interesting, engaging and successful!

Hire the right Video Producer

You may know someone suitable already or perhaps you need help finding one? Either way, finding the right video producer or video production company is crucial in making a successful and engaging business video. Video producers spend their lives producing video and their experience and input will be invaluable in helping you learn what is required to make an engaging corporate video. You may have some ideas and thoughts of your own, great! You can discuss these with your chosen video production company to get their input, ideas and alternative twists on your idea. Want to learn about the important factors involved in good video production? Read on below!

Video Producer - 5 Essential Corporate Video Tips

Know your target audience

It is crucial to know who you are targeting with your video. By understanding the demographics of your target audience you can tailor your video to gain maximum engagement. By knowing your demographic, you can also understand where to place your video be it online or offline to get maximum viewing figures. For example here at Video My Business we know that our target market predominantly uses Twitter as their social media network of choice. Consequently we would keep our key focus on promoting our video content on Twitter, be it with paid advertising or just regular tweets as this is where our target market are.

Business Man - 5 Essential Corporate Video Tips

Tell a story

You may have already realised that telling a story is the most important part of any piece of corporate video production. Telling a story is undervalued by so many individuals yet it is such a crucial part of effectively engaging your audience. Sure you can have some beautiful shots, great backing music and voiceover, but without a story to tie it all together you will quickly lose your viewers’ attention and engagement. You may be wondering; how do I come up with an interesting and engaging story? Our guide on how to come up with awesome promotional video ideas will help you out!

Below is a great example of visual story telling by Biscuit Media

Find the right backing music

Have you ever watched a really good video with and then without the sound? The difference is night and day, quality sound and backing music is crucial to engage viewers in your Video. Try watching the below clip with and then without the sound on.

As you can clearly see, sound makes a huge difference; by combining video with sound you can make a much more compelling and emotionally stimulating video. This is crucial when trying to encourage your viewer to carry out an action once the video is finished, whether it be more respect for your brand or simply encouraging them to buy your product. There are some great resources for royalty free music available on the internet and your video producer should help you find the right piece of music for your video. If you want to have a look for yourself, I would recommend visiting FME music and Premiumbeat.com.

Use a great voiceover artist

Depending on your video you may or may not need a voiceover. However if you do then it is crucial to use a professional. By using the right voiceover artist you can make your brand sound so much more professional and credible by simply the sound of someone’s voice. I would personally recommend Voice123. Having used Voice123 for Video My Businesses’ explainer video below, I was really pleased with the service, you simply upload your script and then tens of people record a sample of your script for you to listen to. From here you simply pick the one you like the most and pay around £150 for the pleasure.

Hopefully you found these tips useful. Do you have any tips which you would like to share? Please let us know in the comments below!

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