5 Email Marketing Calls-to-Action That Drive Website Traffic

  • Every single email that you send out should have several CTAs that are designed to drive the reader back to your website. With so many businesses using email marketing to attract and nurture leads it is important to steer away from the generic “click here” or “buy now” CTAs that can be found in nearly every single commercial email. You don’t need your CTAs to be huge and “in your face” in order to attract attention. You will get a much better response with subtle CTAs throughout your email message.

    Take a moment to think about your target audience and what kind of creative CTAs will help to drive the individual reading your email message over to your website. What kind of creative CTAs can you think of to help funnel those readers back to your website? Here are five examples to help get your creative juices flowing.

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    1. Use images and link them to your desired URL.

    We are visual creatures, so make sure to include images that are clickable and direct them to specific landing pages or blog posts that you want to direct the reader to. The nature of the internet makes people want to click on images, so take advantage of that!

    After making a specific point in your email, include a related image and link it to your destination page. Watch your click through rate go through the roof once you implement images in your emails.

    2. Clickable text CTAs.

    As mentioned above, people love to click on things, and the same applies to text. Now, a text CTA can be something as simple as an email address that when clicked opens up the readers email composer. You can also hyperlink text that reads like a strong CTA. Something such as “click here to read more information” can naturally push your email readers to your desired webpage. Clickable text is a great way to find out what leads are ready to close simply by presenting them with subtle CTAs that will identify their intention.

    3. Jam pack your signature with multiple CTAs.

    Your email signature provides you with prime real estate to list several CTAs, such as your phone number, social media profiles, or even a special promotion. Even if the reader doesn’t pick up the phone they might see your company Facebook and “like” the page, giving you another marketing channel to communicate with that lead.

    Your email signature will most likely also be the very last part of the email your reader will see, so tie in a CTA that relates to the email subject, as this gives you one last time to attempt to push them over to your website. It is important that the very last CTA in the email is directly related to the subject of the email. If it is completely different the reader will lose interest.

    4. Provide easy social sharing options.

    We are all addicted to social media and sharing on social media, so make sure that your email can easily be shared across the popular social media channels. Many of the popular email list management programs have simple social sharing tools built in that can be added with a simple click.

    When people see the social icons their natural instinct is to click and share. Make sure you give them that option, as it can lead to them introducing new people to your brand.

    5. Encourage readers to forward the email.

    One of the reasons you should include CTAs in your email is because your email will be shared. If someone is receiving an email from you they are already a lead. When someone forwards your email to a friend or colleague you want an opportunity to convert that person into a lead as well.

    While some people will forward the email naturally, it doesn’t hurt to encourage your readers to forward it as well. You don’t even have to directly ask them to forward it. Simply include a “Share this email with your friends” link. Using a professional email management program will allow you to track clicks on specific links, so make sure you track the number of clicks and test different text variations to see what ones your list responds best to.

    Your email list has already subscribed, so they are obviously interested in your product or service, so make sure to include CTAs in your emails that will push them onto the next step.

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