5 Best Tips to Create Great Corporate Videos

5 Best Tips to Create Great Corporate Videos

Producing a great corporate video can be challenging if you aren’t familiar with what you need to do to make the most out of it. At fewStones, we have been doing corporate video production in Singapore for over 10 years. Here are our best  5 tips to make sure that you can create great corporate videos:

  1. Carefully plan out your video’s objectives.

You have to plan out and determine what you want your video to achieve as early as possible. This is because once you have set clear objectives, you will be able set a foundation for your corporate video.

Some of the objectives you can have for your video can be increasing awareness, gathering engagement, informing customers or even gathering and converting leads. Make sure to focus on achieving your objectives so that your video efforts are worth it.

52% of marketers say that video is the best type of content when it comes to ROI. (HubSpot)

Once you have established your objectives, you can easily look back at them as the basis of your video when you go through the whole process of making it.

  1. Clearly define your video’s target audience.

When deciding on your target audience, it is crucial to paint a clear picture of who they are as people. It is not enough to just choose a certain age group or a socioeconomic class as a target audience. They should be specific so that you know what specific message you need to communicate to them.

You can clearly define them by creating a detailed profile so that you can get an overview of what your target audience likes, dislikes, and their general buying behavior.

When you have access to all this information, it will be a lot easier for you to know what type of messages, stories, and videos to create which can have a lasting impact on your audience.

  1. Craft an emotional message and story that will resonate with audiences.

The message and story that you will deliver through your video should be crafted with your target audience’s interests and your brand’s beliefs in mind.

They should be entertaining and engaging so that the video can elicit a strong emotional reaction from them so that they can learn more about you and take the next step with your brand.

97% of marketers say that videos have helped consumers gain a better understanding of their products and services. (HubSpot)

Make sure that you are able to incorporate your brand or your product into the story in a way that flows naturally with the story. It is also important to reflect your brand’s values through the story that you will tell.

  1. Use strong visuals in your video.

The visual elements and the overall visual look of your video should reflect your brand’s personality and the message that you want to communicate to your audience.

When choosing how your video will look visually, think of colors and imagery that are captivating and intriguing while still being aligned with your brand and your video’s story.

Also, visually showing off what your company and product can do is a lot more enticing to customers instead of just simply talking about it because they can easily see everything in action.

  1. Post on video platforms that your audience visits the most.

When you are done making your corporate video, it is vital for you to post, share, and promote it so that a lot of audiences will get the chance of watching your video.

You should prioritize posting on platforms where your target audience spends the most time so that you can meet them quickly and easily. As much as you would just like to just post it everywhere, there should still be a strategy to maximize the reach and engagement your video can receive.

This is because people interact with videos differently depending on the platform or channel that you are posting on. If you are looking for more awareness, then posting on YouTube and Facebook is more suitable because there are more active users and visitors.

However, if you are looking for engagement and conversions, you can post on LinkedIn or send your video through email campaigns because people are more likely to respond and reach out to you through these platforms.

You should be able to make the most out of your corporate video because it is a great opportunity for your business to showcase your products and benefits to different types of interested audiences.

As long as you are able to remember these 5 tips, you will be able to make great corporate videos that can achieve the goals of your business.

About the Author: Jean Christophe

5 Best Tips to Create Great Corporate Videos

Jean Christophe is a serial entrepreneur and venture builder. He has co-founded and launched several businesses as part of our iLathys venture builder, including a corporate video production company in Singapore (fewStones) and a social media video agency (Videoblast) and others.


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