4 Ways to Get the Most Out Of the Video Production Process

April 30, 2015

1. Develop goal-oriented videos

If you’re creating video for the sake of having a video, it’s going to be a waste of your time and money.

Develop one particular goal for the video, whether it be developing brand awareness, increasing website traffic, etc.

This will help with two things: developing the messaging for your video and measuring the results of your video. Sounds kind of important, huh?

By having a specific goal, the production studio will be able to craft extremely targeted and relevant messaging and visuals. It really does make a difference.


2. Different is risky, but rewarding

Video is everywhere. The major downside to this, is that a lot of videos look and sound the same.

It’s easy to play it safe and create something average, but your gains will reflect that.

Find a video studio that you trust to create something unique for your brand. Stay involved with the creative process, but keep in mind that the studio is filled with professionals who spend their time studying the industry and have a good idea of what’s already out there.

Going with something unique can be nerve-wracking, but soon enough your nerves will develop into excitement and pride for your one-of-a-kind video.


3. Focus on benefits, not features

Which pitch sounds better?

“This affordable software, conveniently located in the cloud, uses leading edge innovation.”

“This easy-to-use software will save your business 30 hours and $ 5,000 per month.”

Hopefully you chose the second one. The surprising majority of businesses still demand the first option: a long list the features. It’s understandable that you’ve worked hard to bring these features to life, but your customers want to hear why the features exist in the first place. How do they make life better?

Generally, a reference to time and/or money is a great place to start. If your business doesn’t help with either, you may want to re-evaluate.

If you make the argument that it’s not just about time or money, consider the following:

Let’s say that you’re a “business lifestyle” brand built solely to improve office culture. Guess what? It leads to happier and more productive staff, which leads to lower turnover costs and/or more sales. Once again, it circles back to time and money. Awesome.


4. Stay involved throughout the process

It happens all the time.

A client is easy to reach in the beginning, but then as the project moves forward, they make themselves more difficult to find than a wanted criminal.

After weeks pass with no contact, they’ll magically reappear and comment that the video needs to be changed. Of course the studio will fix it, but the extra time required to backtrack can be detrimental to the project flow. Deadlines have now become moot, and there may be extra cost involved.

Production studios are here to help you, not become a nuisance in your life. By taking a few minutes out of your day to respond to their inquiries, you can ensure that your deadlines and expectations are met with ease.

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