4 Techniques That RADICALLY Re-Invented My Online Marketing Tutorial Business (100% FREE)

Who else is struggling to build an online business that has meaning? Are you stuck on a treadmill of never ending gurus, gimmicks and expensive product launches that NEVER get you where you want to go? Do you have PASSION for your business, or have an idea you KNOW in your gut is guaranteed to work, but simply can’t put the pieces of the puzzle together in such a way as to make it happen?

If you said yes…I’m going to share with you the 4 simple things I did in my OWN business to go from being perpetually frustrated and disappointed, to becoming amazingly empowered, excited and enthusiastic about my work each and every day.

Understand THIS as well:

It wasn’t the lack of money or success that was disappointing to me in the beginning. As an affiliate, I had done fairly well for a number of years. It was that I felt no sense of connection, or meaning to selling affiliate products for a living. What I really craved was CONTRIBUTION, and sharing my natural gifts, and love for communication, coaching and working with people in the entrepreneurial markets to help THEM succeed. (which is a very different business model from selling stuff on ClickBank using pen names!)

So the 4 simple things below…in combination with an existing blog, and a passion for my work, literally transformed my business in under 90 days. (And they’ll work for YOU equally as well.)

Here they are:

Dumb it Down

I can’t go into each one in incredible detail here obviously…due to the space restrictions on this sort of article. But here are key points for each.


The KEY to creating a high impact email sequence is MORE is usually more. People get nervous about “over-mailing” their lists…and so too did I. But the truth is, especially if you are in a “pain” niche, the more you mail, the more you will connect with the core element of your community that are most likely to INVEST in your coaching, consulting or product offers. Mailing ONCE per day, from an average of 2 or 3 times a week made me take a DEEP breath and fear the worst…but in the end, it became the very best decision I ever made as well. (as plenty of people unsubscribed…but the response rate, and the real rapport I developed with the rest of my list has carried me ever since)


You have to make them…and often! When I first started blogging, I would just share information, and hope everyone liked me enough to want to contact me for coaching. The truth is, if you don’t make DISTINCT, discreet and specific offers on a regular basis, no one is going to get off the sofa to figure out how to give you money…EVEN if they love your content. Create LOTS of outrageous offers – time sensitive, discounts, coupons, special incentives, RAISE your prices…you name it, try it and you’ll keep people paying attention in ways they aren’t right now.

Dumb it DOWN.

I can’t really do this justice here…but keep your copy short. And sweet. And SIMPLE. The longer, more loquacious and verbose my copy became…the worse it converted. What I believed was powerfully persuasive prose…became to “dense” to understand for much of my community. (remember – some folks who may be your best clients are NOT native English speakers, or simply don’t want to reach out for a thesaurus to figure out what you’re trying to say. Keep it simple. Write in short sentences. Your readership (and your bank account) will thank you.


This is KEY, and something so few online professionals do. I automate my request for feedback. Every 10th day in my sequence, I ask for the BIGGEST challenge, the biggest obstacle or the ONE thing I can help that person with…NOW, to get where they want to be. About 20% of my list will respond to this, and I will personally write back with simple tips, techniques and suggestions they can use. About 10% of these folks will buy my high level programs thereafter…simply because I’ve humanized myself, become accessible, and demonstrated a willingness to GIVE them help in a private environment with no strings attached.

It feels good…allows me to connect and contribute much more deeply, and ultimately, has been a huge driver in growing my brand, my business and my bank account to boot!