4 Powerful Instagram Analytics Tools That Yield Massive Results

— March 6, 2017

Although Marketers love using Instagram to promote products, they are disappointed with the site’s analytics.

That’s about to change.

Instagram is rolling out a suite of tools that will benefit marketers, providing user and post specific information that can be used to create successful marketing campaigns.

Use Demographics and Insights

It is impossible to create a powerful Instagram marketing campaign with minimum demographic insights. Fortunately, the new analytics tools will include your followers’ ages and locations, along with other attributes. You’ll be able to view your follower activity to see who are the most active. This information will help you to time your posts and create segments for your campaigns.

Check Your Website Clicks

The new analytics tools will also include website clicks. Use this information to discover how many people click on the link included in your profile. If you aren’t getting many clicks, you will need to come up with strategies to attract people to your profile.

Reach and Impressions

Instagram is taking a page out of Facebook’s playbook by providing data on reach and impressions. “Impressions” is another word for “views:” One view counts as one impression. “Reach” is another term for “unique views.” Through the new Instagram analytics tools, you can gain insights into the number of unique post views.

Find Your Best-Performing Posts

As a marketer, you always want to repeat what yields the best results. Instagram is making that easier by enabling you to sort your posts by impressions. You can now view the best-performing posts for the previous week or month to learn what your audience wants. This will help you to create engaging posts that your audience will love.

These new tools will make it easier for marketers to get the results they desire from Instagram. If you absolutely love using Instagram and feel that the analytics are lacking, these tools will truly be a welcome change.

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Author: Scott Sims

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