3 Ways to Supercharge Your Email List Engagement

  • — July 28, 2017

    3 Ways to Supercharge Your Email List Engagement

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    There’s no doubt that your company could benefit from a larger email list – but only if subscribers are sufficiently engaged. What you want to avoid at all costs is investing time and money into a list with zero potential. Fortunately, improving your list doesn’t need to be too difficult.

    3 Ways to Increase Your Email List Engagement

    While the following three ways will help you improve your list’s engagement, you’ll find that they’re much easier to implement if you use email marketing automation tools. These platforms are force-multipliers that will skyrocket your engagement when used properly.

    1. Personalize. Personalize. Personalize.

    The most important thing to remember when improving your email list engagement is to personalize your efforts. If you sell clothing, and someone expresses interest in children’s pajamas, you’d want to base your ensuing marketing efforts on this information.

    On the other hand, if your potential customer doesn’t have any children, you should not bombard them with pictures of babies and toddlers in various fashion choices. Who you are speaking to should affect the voice and tone you use to write your emails.

    Email marketing automation software allows you to create different buyer personas you can then use to personalize your messages for best results. For example, an online clothing retailer wants to sell their overstocked children’s pajamas before ordering new inventory. Because their email automation platform integrates with their ecommerce platform, the retailer knows who has purchased children’s pajamas from them in the past. To further personalize the email message, the retailer can use data like the age, gender and location to display products that are specific to each recipient’s children.

    2. Offer Appropriate Incentives

    One of the easiest ways to earn new subscribers is by incentivizing them with something more than just the promise of a great post. You can offer them something like an eBook or a free video series that takes aim at a problem they’re facing.

    However, the only way you’ll be able to do this successfully is if you offer the right incentive. Again, this goes back to personalization. If you’re a management coach, you wouldn’t want to offer the same eBook to a small business owner as you would to someone working at a Fortune 500 company.

    3. Utilize an Effective Autoresponder Sequence

    Use your email marketing automation software to create an autoresponder sequence. There’s simply no way you’ll otherwise be able to manually send out every message to your subscribers in a timely manner.

    Here’s what the typical sequence looks like for email sales campaigns:

    • Congratulations! – Use this email to remind the subscriber what a great decision they’ve made by joining your list and how much they’ll enjoy the freebie you gave them.
    • The Story – Next, tell the story of a previous customer who had the exact same problem as your new subscriber and the steps they took to overcome it.
    • Offering a Solution – This email also tells a story that the subscriber can relate to. However, this time, your product/service was the solution. End the email with a condition that promotes scarcity. For example, your product/service is for sale but only for the next week.
    • Warning! – Use this email to make sure the reader understands what they stand to lose if they don’t take you up on your offer. This is yet another opportunity to tell a story about a previous reader who was hesitant before they became a customer, a decision they’re happy they made.
    • Last Call! – Finally, send a final reminder on the last day they can make a purchase. You may even want to include a discount to give people that added push.

    Depending on your product/service, your email autoresponder sequence may differ, but the above should serve as a helpful model.

    Begin Engaging Your Email List Today

    You now have three easy ways to better engage your email list and enjoy the conversion rates that follow. Just be sure you pair these tips with automation software. If you do, you’ll find that building your list and turning those readers into customers doesn’t actually require a huge investment of time despite its impressive benefits.

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