3 Tips For Keeping Your Live Video Audience Engaged

So you’re finally ready to get started with live videos on social media, but the next question might be: Dhariana, how do I keep people interested? I’ve put together a few tips for keeping your live video audience engaged during your broadcast in this post.

1. Demand Undivided Attention

The simplest and easiest way to keep your audience’s attention during your live videos or any other presentation is to ask for their attention from the start of your broadcast. Ask them to close out tabs, put down their phones and possibly grab a pen and paper so they can keep notes.

2. Include Your Audience

Live videos are a great way to increase reach for your social media channels, and what better way engage an audience than to give them a chance to be included in the broadcast. On Facebook Live, Hangouts On Air via YouTubeLive and Instagram Live Stories, you can have someone broadcast with you in real time! Give your participants a chance to be on air with you to keep everyone engaged.

3. Use Interactive Elements

To keep a virtual audience engaged during your live video you can include questions throughout your presentation. If there is a chat functionality enabled, you can ask participants to leave their response in the chat box. For example, you can say “If this makes you feel frustrated type 1 in the chat box”, or you can present different scenarios and ask your audience to type in the scenario they identify with. Some platforms like Zoom and even Facebook Live Videos now have the options for poll questions which pop up on the viewers’ screens during your presentation.

BONUS: Gamify the experience

Remember the pad and paper you asked your audience to grab? You can turn this into a giveaway at the end of your live video. You can ask your audience to post a picture of their notes and tag you, or leave a comment about their favorite takeaway from your broadcast.

As always, drop any questions below. Until next time!

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