3 Things All Great About Me Pages Have in Common [Infographic]

  • April 12, 2016

    More often than not, the About Me page on any given website is somewhere in the top ten most visited. Why is that, you ask? Because people like to know a little bit about the person they’re getting their information from.

    From the moment you start your blog, you are considered something of an authority member on the world wide web. People will visit your blog for information on your niche subject, and they will visit your About page to make sure you actually know what you are talking about.

    That is a lot of pressure for one little page. Fortunately, there are a few common things that all successful About pages have in common. If you ensure that your page follows these guidelines, you will have no problem being seen authoritatively, too.

    1. They inspire the reader to do something.


    The goal of an About page is to engage your reader. You want them to come out of reading your page feeling like they not only got to know you a bit better, but to feel inspired to follow in your footsteps. Whether you tell the story of how you got involved in your niche, like Pat Flynn did in the photo above, or you simply share a few tidbits about your life now, you want your reader to feel like they learned something.

    They came onto your website for a reason, whether it be that they were looking for the answer to a specific question or they just wanted to learn more about a niche topic. Whatever the case, they are trusting you. Now it’s your turn to lead them to the information they are seeking.

    2. They are driven by facts and statistics.


    Business jargon only gets you so far. If someone wanted to read regurgitated vocabulary words, they’d pick up a textbook. To garner trust between yourself and your intended audience, you need to be approachable, honest and know what the heck you’re talking about.

    The best way to prove that you’re an authority on a subject is to let the numbers speak for themselves. Take Michael Hyatt, for example. On his About page, he linked to all of his most recent (very reputable) media appearances.

    The best About pages show why you’re great, not tell.. Instead of saying ‘I’m great with sales’, you show your audience that you’re great with sales by putting the proof right there in their face. ‘I helped XYZ’s sales increase by 99% in October 2014 alone by implementing this strategy’ bodes much better than simply telling someone you’re great, doesn’t it?

    3. They leave the lines of communication open.


    People behind truly great About pages have nothing to hide, so they always allow for their readers to reach back out to them. By simply adding a business email address for your audience to contact you at, or the option to join a weekly newsletter, or even by having a comment section at the bottom of the page, you are inviting your audience to get involved with you and what you do.

    In the case of Peep Laja, he posted a link to his agency, a link to his email, and his twitter handle so you could follow him.

    People like to be involved, and if you give them the option to speak with you, they will take it.

    How to Create a Perfect About Me Page Infographic


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