3 Killer Ways to Market Your Business Online

September 11, 2016


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Internet marketing. Content marketing. SEO marketing. Whatever strategy you end going with, each and every single marketing strategy is just an ingredient in the giant cauldron called “helping people make their lives easier, while we’re making more money than we know what to do with.”

Seems like there’s so many things to do out there, strategies you’ve never tried before… than you know what to do with.

Suppose you have a website and something to sell on that site. Let’s say, so far you’ve sold that something to 5,000 people. And now you’ve created another product your 5,000 customers (since they’ve already bought from you, and trust you with their money) might try and buy.

So you write email ARs, VSLs, and design an undeniable sales funnel. What now?

Savvy internet marketers (referred to as IM and IM’ers from now on) know that spreading your presence in the world is just as important–if not more so–than creating a product they’re sure people will love.

But just what method of IM works like a charm? What doesn’t work? What brings in massive ROI and spectacular LCV (Lifetime Customer Value)?

1. Professional Website

Without a website these days, you might as well not be alive. No investors, partners, or other businesses are going to do serious business with you if your website isn’t functional, slick, and obviously touting you as the de-facto business in your niche.

Sadly, many organisations and business owners have sites like they were designed, coded, and programmed by sixth graders. No good, no good.

So what’s the solution? Take a page out of what Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Fortune are doing with their sites. Or even take a look at the “top dogs” in your particular niche (you know your niche has them)… and emulate their sites.

I’m not suggesting you rip them off, heavens no. But studying the best of the best, and thoroughly examining (for yourself) why “The Big Dogs” chose what they chose…

Once you’re ready with the website, what’s next?

Get yourself on the Google, at Top! No less than first-page. It’s no use if you’re behind the 10–bar. A good way to remain within this bar is to learn the ins and outs of content marketing, which can take you to places; good places (top positions) in SERP.

2. Free E-Books

Let’s say your e-book lists ten insanely-profitable ways for your customers to make MORE money – all they have to do is put in their email (for promotional purposes or helpful resources pertaining to your niche) and the free ebook is theirs.

(It doesn’t have to be money – it can be ten ways to maximise productivity, ten ways to have the best garden. Whatever your niche is!)

In the old days of direct marketing, this would be called a bonus. Famed copywriter (and DM extraordinaire) would sell hundreds of books – and include 3 or 4 books (at equal value) for no extra charge. Makes that $ 25 book a whole lot more attractive.

In fact, Jay Abraham (remember him?) in this video said that bonuses transform the appeal and the pre-emptiveness of customers. Jay Abraham is, to say the least, a MASTER marketer.

Why? Jay made David Hall (of Inc. Magazine) a nice $ 25-$ 30 million worth of business. Not enough? See more about Jay for yourself.

Enough about him. The key here that Jay sticks by is to offer information that’s just as valuable as your front-end. For free. The back-end is a completely different ball game and certainly worth developing later on down the line.

These days, Copyblogger is synonymous with maximising profits in minimum time (and they know a thing or two about marketing using ebooks).

3. Host Webinars

A friend of mine (a fellow IM’er) once hosted a 6-week webinar and saw $ 40,000 profit. That’s immediate money in his pocket.

Webinars are goldmines for IM because, on the surface, your customers get to experience the joys of world-class industry experts – experts who have no qualms about indulging their life experience about squeezing the most rewarding “juice” out of your niche.

In layman’s terms: Webinars are powerful. It’s better than e-books!

What Else?

The buck doesn’t stop here: the #1 strategy you should use (behind the scenes) is to always keep testing. I’m sure you’ve heard this advice plenty enough – that’s because it needs to be drilled in marketers’ brains.

Without testing, you don’t know WHY something is working so well. In business and life, the only thing that matters is results. If you don’t know reasons why your results are amazing or abysmal, there are no possible way to capitalise on the tap and make even BETTER results flow.

As well as not being able to able to axe any errors or problems. Always be testing.

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Author: Luke Peters