3 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2020

In 2020, we will observe new marketing trends along with some current trends that are still effective:

Chatbots – automatic personalized help; 2020 technologies breathe new life into chatbots, making them more compelling and popular than they were in previous years.

Voice Search – as more people use digital assistants such as Alexa or Siri, SEO is increasingly focused on voice search, with keywords based on how people speak, and not how they type on the keyboard.

Video marketing – posting videos is becoming easier and easier, and every year more and more successful and ambitious videos created by brands appear on the Internet.

Given these existing trends, we will consider what new digital marketing trends await us in 2020:

1. Shoppable Posts (Social Commerce):

For a long time, businesses sought to attract their subscribers on social networks to their online stores. Now they do not need it anymore.

Social commerce is the purchase of products directly through publications on social networks or advertising; You do not need to leave the site or application. Such posts through which you can place an order directly on the social network site are not new, but since the launch of Instagram Checkout in 2019, they have quickly attracted more and more attention.

Why not? Having shoppable posts on social networks is reasonable. At least 54% of people on social networks use them to monitor the products they want to buy. The goal is to reduce the amount of action required by the consumer to purchase. Thus, selling directly on social networks reduces the likelihood of an unfinished purchase.

You do not even need to be an e-commerce brand. If you sell products, even several units, you can get higher profits by conducting transactions through social media.

If you have a store in Shopify, you only need to link accounts (for Instagram) or install a plug-in (for Snapchat). In some cases, you may have to set up stores at appropriate sites such as Facebook. You can also go to Pinterest – one of the first channels offering the opportunity to place an order directly on the social network site.

2. Personal Correspondence:

To become more personalized for customers, brands transfer the conversation “in person.” Direct messaging, as a means of optimizing customer service and assisting in sales, has become one of the most relevant trends in digital marketing in 2020.

By using messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger, or through private messages on social networks like Twitter or Instagram, brands are building closer ties with their customers. These sites provide the convenience of text messaging combined with the urgency of a phone call. Moreover, everything is in an environment with which the user is already familiar in communicating with friends.

Brands believe that personal correspondence with clients is effective for building relationships, whether it is working with complaints, accepting orders, or even just communicating. The main condition here is that the client writes to you first, and not you write to him.

This method works best when you encourage users to send you messages indicating their contact, and possibly encourage them with an exclusive offer or coupon code.

3. Conversation with Gen Z in their Language:

And finally: in 2020, marketers welcome the last consumer group, Generation Z. Those who were born immediately after the turn of the century are already 18 years old or more, and they enter the labor market, start earning. It is widely reported that Generation Z will make up 40% of all consumers in 2020 (source).

Among other things, marketing for Gen Z means a sharp turn in styling your content. The youngest market is also the most bizarre, with flavors that may seem odd if you are used to marketing focused on Boomers or Generation X.

If Generation Z is one of your top markets, here is a shortlist of their values to be aware of:

  1. Authenticity: Generation Z grew up “online” in the era of misinformation, so they are very susceptible to authenticity and smell cheaters per kilometer. So, avoid overly advertising approaches and choose transparency instead.
  2. Confidentiality: The concern for privacy is highly regarded among Generation Z, so respecting their data will bring you more than using this information against them.
  3. Diversity – The most diverse generation values diversity in the videos and images that they see online.
  4. A sense of humor: the humor of generation Z is sometimes called “absurdist” (sometimes using less polite euphemisms) so if you do not understand it personally, hire someone who understands this humor.

Marketers have noted the similarities between the Z generation and the millennials, but as the Z-ok market becomes more mature over the next few years (in many ways), expect more significant differences.

Ready for Digital Marketing 2020?

Paradoxically, in the upcoming 2020, digital marketing trends will be both more humane and more mechanical. The general trend of digital marketing is toward more personal relationships with targeted niches, but the means to build these relationships rely on automation and new technologies. The heart of digital marketing remains the same – giving people what they want, when and where they want it – and technology 2020 simply opens new paths.

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