3 Benefits to Kickstarting Your Own Blog for your Ecommerce Store

3 Benefits to Kickstarting Your Own Blog for your Ecommerce Store
Do you remember the days of Livejournal when you could update your blog and tell your friends about that totally embarrassing moment you had at lunch? If you’re like me, you had one of these blogs. And now, decades later, over 600,000 million people blog worldwide. So, how can your blog stand out? How can you guarantee others will read what you post?

It might be important to consider a blog template to get you started. Once you’ve written your first blog post, successive posts are easier to write.

The Benefits of a Blog

Leads to a higher SEO ranking

Quality content leads to higher ranking on search engines. By searching for specific keywords, users can find your content and follow your posts.

You might have heard the term “thought leader” being tossed around. This means that you are taken to be an authority on the subject. Influential, even. Become a thought leader by finding your niche topic and writing about it. Put together an article on who you are and what you do. Make how-to videos to show clients who you are. Establish your credibility in your field, and customers will trust you.

Some tips:

Free marketing for your products

3 Benefits to Kickstarting Your Own Blog for your Ecommerce Store

The best way to market your product is to feature your own product, writing about it in your own words and marketing it in the way you want to market it.

Consider giving away free products to influencers to post to their social media. Even though it isn’t free, it promotes your product to a broader audience.

Give a voice to your brand/company

Customers want to buy from brands they trust. Did you know that only one third of customers trust most of the brands they buy from?

This goes along with our last point. You get to tell your own story through your blog. This shapes how your customers view you and prevents any other outside influence from shaping their view of their company.

But do so without overselling and over promoting. Customers don’t want to wade through your bloated sales-speak. They want to get in and get out as fast as possible.

These are only a few of the many benefits of blogging. We hope this inspires you to start your own blog or continue to put effort into your existing one.

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