14 Quick Improvements for Small Business Email Campaigns

— September 11, 2017

14 Quick Improvements for Small Business Email Campaigns

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Love it or hate it, email marketing is a major part of modern business. In fact, email marketing offers one of your business’s greatest ROI over any other form of marketing. To get the most out of your email marketing, make sure you practice the following guidelines.

14 Quick Improvements to make to your email campaigns today:

1. Get Personal

The average person receives 88 emails per day. However, only 1 in 11 of those receive click-throughs. A great way to stand out in an inbox is to personalize the content your audience receives.

2. Use Segments

Most businesses offer a variety of products and services. In order for email marketing to pay off, it is important to only send emails that interest the reader. A hardware store wouldn’t sell snow shovels to people living in Florida. It wouldn’t make sense. Segments help you identify and deliver content that matters most to your audience.

3. Use Names

Using your subscriber’s name in emails is a great way to make your communications seem more personal. Your customers aren’t a number and don’t like to be treated like one.

4. Establish a Reputation

Your reputation is everything. Make sure that the products you recommend are ones you can stand by. If your reputation doesn’t stand on its own, no one will read your emails.

5. Branding

One of the most important things for a company to invest in is branding. When people see that an email is from a well-recognized and reputable brand, they are much more likely to open it and click through.

6. Use Statistics to Your Advantage

Statistics about your audience matters in email marketing. You should invest in a BI dashboard. It’s time to use it to your advantage.

7. Get to Know Your Audience

Statistics are indicators as to whether your email campaigns are effective. Start paying attention to your statistics before and after campaigns. Learn what your target audience responds well to and use that information to plan future communications.

8. Adjust Sales Funnels

Your metrics give you insight into the success of your sales funnels. What captures a customer’s attention? In what part of the funnel are potential customers backing out? Adjust emails to help improve your sales funnels.

9. Schedule Your Emails

Timing is everything. If most of your emails are being viewed when delivered early on Tuesday morning, use that to your advantage. Your unique audience will have its own preferences, so don’t be afraid to try something different from other businesses in an effort to stand out.

10. Offer the Option to Change the Frequency

You legally have to offer the option for your subscribers to opt-out of emails. However, you may want to offer an alternative in addition to the standard “Unsubscribe” button. Consider offering a reduction in the frequency of emails. This gives your audience the chance to continue hearing from you, just not as often.

11. Don’t Waste Their Time

Make sure you’re not wasting your audience’s time. Meaningless, repetitive emails simply aren’t worth your audience’s valuable time and effort.

12. Test the Waters

Testing is a great way to learn what works and what doesn’t.

13. Testing Campaigns

In order to stay on top of trends, you must experiment. In order to find out if an experiment is successful, use A/B testing campaigns. A/B testing campaigns test the effectiveness of these changes to help you assess and identify what works best for your audience.

14. Compatibility and Responsiveness

More people than ever are using mobile devices to check their email. Tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches are very common. It’s important that you create emails that are responsive and adjust to your user’s device, operating system, or browser.

Audience comes first

If you put your audience first, you can’t go wrong. Provide them with exceptional quality and value and they will respond. Most importantly, use the data you possess to target your email campaigns and ensure you get the most out of this amazing marketing tool.

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