13 Valuable Ebooks to Market Your Business Website

February 22, 2015

You have applied certain efforts to create your website, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. Now you need to think over the ways of bringing web traffic to your site. Here I include the best of the best eBooks for website optimization and building a wise website marketing strategy.

To begin with, you need to read premium SEO guides from Google and Moz. These eBooks will introduce you all SEO basics in the simplest way.

Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

SEO Guide from Google

Find out how to create web page titles and why you should pay special attention to this website optimization aspect. Also learn how to optimize content, use SEO for website mobile use, and how to promote a website without risks and harms.

The Beginner’s Guide to SEO by Moz

Moz SEO Guide

You can read online or download this 10-chapter guide from Moz. It outlines what SEO is, how it works, and why it is essential for webmasters. Besides, it includes a set of priceless guidelines for search engine friendly design and development. And it is one of the most beautiful eBooks with exciting illustrations – learning becomes easier thanks to clear visual explanations.

The In-depth Guide to Website On-page Optimization

MotoCMS SOE Guide

This is another SEO guide which gives tips on basic SEO tactics like keyword research, URL optimization along with exclusive info on duplicate content issues, and web hosting services. The last section of this eBook provides you with a good list of tools and services for website testing, analysis and improvement.

The Complete Guide to Ecommerce SEO

Guide to Ecommerce SEO

This guide is specified on search engine optimization for eCommerce websites. Useful this eBook is also for that it dispels a few most common SEO myths many who wrongly believe in.

When you have optimized your website for search engines and users, you jump to another step – link building. Link building doesn’t mean linking to any website, but only to trusted resources. In other case, search engines will find your website spammy and it will end badly for you and your business. This SEO and marketing strategy is the most changeable because of Google is changeable and new algorithms often break everything you know just in one moment. Therefore, these are 2 latest guides to link building that are actual for the nearest future.

How to Build Backlinks in 2015 (That Work)

Backlinking Guide 2015

This is the freshest SEO eBook by Nathan Gotch. It reveals all actual link building tactics for the current year. But before it explains what type of links you should make focus on and which are of a less importance. The means of link building are grouped in 3 categories : easy links, high-effort links, advanced tactics. You can pick any depending on your skills, resources, possibilities and aims.

The Complete 6-Month Link Building Game Plan

Link Building Guide

Working alone or with a big team of professionals, you will find this eBook rather helpful. It is a ready-made marketing plan for your business website. Follow these tips month after month to establish a strong link building campaign for your site.

A Guide to Building Successful AdWords Campaigns

Guide to AdWords

Google AdWords is an online advertising service allowing to place your ad where you wish, show it to the audience you need, and pay for results only. This eBooks guides you through all steps of campaign creation from account setup till ad release. You will learn how to pick keywords and write content for your ads as well as target them effectively.

How to Optimize Your Marketing Channels

Marketing Optimization Guide

This guide aims to help webmasters market their sites on an advanced level. This means optimizing all marketing channels professionally: blog posts, landing pages, email content and social posts. All essential points of this eBook are formed in a brief checklist (it goes in a single download pack), which you can print and use as an optimization plan.

Email newsletter is one of the most widespread marketing tactics. If you are attentive, you have noticed that almost all books in this list are given for free but after you subscribe for a newsletter.

How to Create Email Newsletters That Don’t Suck

Email Newsletter Guide

Why do you need newsletters? Because this is the way to promote products, engage customers to come back to your site, leverage your content, etc. This eBook form NudSpot team describes the newsletter architecture and gives you priceless hints on how to increase your open rate. The last chapter is inspirational and showcases some of the best email newsletter you should learn from.

Capture 120% Email Subscribers Overnight

Ebooks to Market Your Business Website Email Marketing

How are you getting new subscribers to your mailing list? Encourage them with free eBooks, promo codes, or? This 16-page guide is based on a real experience. It reveals 7 secret tactics for gathering as many subscribers as possible in a short period of time.

Social media marketing is an advanced means of gaining website traffic and building brand awareness. It seems easy to post on social media, but each platform has its own requirements and audience. One more good reason to use social media for marketing purposes is its low cost. You need money just to run ad campaigns, though you can even manage without them.

Social SEO Strategies: Mastering the Art of Social SEO

Master Social SEO eBook

Do you know what social signals are and how they affect your website? You have a chance to learn it within this handy guide. The Social SEO guide outlines the best practices of social profile optimization along with ways to organize your social SEO campaign and create a good team of professionals to help.

15 Smart Tools to Get More Traffic and Sales from Twitter

Twitter Marketing Tools

Subscribe for bloggerjet.com newsletter to get an eBook on Twitter marketing. 9 pages of this PDF describes 15 superb tools for improving your Twitter presence and getting traffic from the leading social platform.

How to Monitor Social Media in Only 10 Minutes a Day

Social Media Marketing Smart eBook

Meet another marketing eBook from HubSpot team. Many webmasters don’t do for social media marketing because it is time-consuming. It is a wrong idea and this 10-minute social marketing guide proves it. Follow this plan to organize your daily routine, save time for other tasks, and enjoy your work.


Hope you will never be hint by Google’s Penguin update, but it’s better to take precautionary measures. It is a 14-point on page optimization checklist and 11-point checklist for off page optimization. Keep your website safe.

Beat The Penquin Checklist

Beat the Penguin Checklist

This was a roundup of the most insightful and helpful SEO and marketing eBooks for experienced webmasters and those who are planning their first website. Share your successful stories after you use these guidelines in practice!

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