12 Top Tips For Writing Catchy Blog Post Headlines

by Andy Merchant February 29, 2016
February 29, 2016

Before the reader can see what your blog looks like, they will first take a look at your headline. If it sounds boring, the odds are that the reader will not read beyond it.

Let us move beyond those headlines that are a little more common you see over and over again and add some new blood to your headline writing.

So how do you craft a juicy title that will leave every reader craving for the real meat in the blog post body?

1.Who else Wants…

Starting your headline with the words “Who Else Wants…” is a strategy that implies a consensus desire that is already existing.

– Who else wants to be a better blogger?

– Who else wants more fun and less stress while writing blog posts?

2.List With Numbers

Using numbers is an excellent way to come up with a blog post headline. This is because they are more precise.

– 11 Surprising facts about working from home.

– 7 Fantastic ways to deal with writers block.

– 10 Great ideas for overcoming your lack of blogging.


An excellent headline for a blog post should always create some curiosity to the reader.

– 5 interesting facts you probably didn’t know of about your blogging.

– 10 least known ways to become a better blogger.

– 3 Reasons you should start blogging more than once per day.

– Top 7 secrets only known to A-list bloggers.

4.Keep It Short but Focused

The primary reason for you writing up a blog post is for getting people to come and read it. Right? To enable you to do this, you will need to have a title that clearly illustrates what the blog is all about. When writing your headline, try to keep it short but also compelling and informative.

– 5 Top reasons to start blogging. That headline is much better than writing it as “Why you should start blogging. Here are 5 top reasons why you should create and publish a blog.”

5.Here is a Quick Way to solve a problem

People always love quick and easy when it comes to solving an issue that is nagging.

– Here is a quick way to write concisely.

– Here is a quick way to conquer bad blogging habits.

– Here is a quick and easy way to backup your blog.

6.Get Rid a Once and For All

It is classic a formula that identifies either unfulfilled desire that the reader would want to remedy or a painful problem.

– Get rid of being unproductive once and for all.

– Get rid of bad blogging habits that are unproductive once and for all.

– Get rid of that writer’s block once and for all.

7.Little Known Ways

This is a more intriguing way that is less common of accomplishing the same thing as “The Secret of…”

– Little known ways to tweet faster.

– Little known ways to save time researching blog posts.

– Little known ways to quickly follow expert bloggers.

8.Here is a Method that is helping…

When you have identified your target audience and the kind of benefit you want to provide them with, you can go ahead and safely use this method.

– Here is a method that prevents bad grammar on your blog.

– Here is a method that helps blogger save money on hosting.

– Here is a method that can help bloggers write better post titles.

9.Use What, Why, When, or How

These are trigger words. Typically, “how” and “why” are more persuasive to the reader. Typically, you should just use one trigger word.

– When should you start charging some new rates to your clients?

– What not to do when you first start blogging.

– How to deal with writing 5 blog posts per day.

– Why you should take a regular break from blogging.

10.The Main Point

The title you use on your blog post should summarise what the whole post is all about. Don’t let someone read through the article in order to know what it is all about. One should be able to tell it from the title.

– How to find images for your blog.

– How to hire writers for your blog in 5 easy steps.

11.Do Something Like (Take a World Class example)

You can use names of people or places that are famous for coming up with a catchy headline.

– 5 ways to party like a celebrity vlogger.

– Become a Facebook guru just like Mari Smith.

– Blog like A-Lister in under a week.

12.The Secret Of

This method might be quite common among bloggers but this is because it works. Share some insider knowledge and convert it into a benefit for the reader.

– The secret of protecting your image rights

– The secret of successful podcasting.

– The secret of getting your blog featured in top publications.

Bottom Line

Your headline should always be aimed at grabbing the attention of the reader to draw them into the main story. However, do not overdo it. If the reader reads the actual post and it does not reflect the magnitude of the headline, readers might be left disappointed.

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