12 Months Of Content Event Triggers For 2015

   by Sameer Panjwani December 9th, 2014


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According to the 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks study by Content Marketing Institute, content marketers are challenged with 3 things:

– Producing enough content

– Producing content that engages

– Producing a variety of content

As 2015 rushes towards us, it’s time to start planning a documented content marketing strategy ahead of time. After all, reaching consumers is getting increasingly tougher with so many businesses clamouring for attention. You need good and attention-grabbing content to be heard over all the noise.

The First Task: Spicing Up Your Marketing Calendar For 2015

Do you know what “Popcorn Day” is? How about “Chocolate Covered Raisins Day”?

This year, if your New Year’s resolution is to improve your business by finding funny ways to connect with your customers, a good place to start is getting a head’s up on all upcoming 2015 holidays and events. If you know where to look, you’ll find that there are events for practically every day of the year.

(To find out more about tying your content to any event, click here)

1. January Marketing Ideas

– January 1st: New Years Day. You are bound to have something to say about ringing in the New Year

– January 19th: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. King fought hard against racism and that’s a passion worth channeling into your content marketing strategy.

– Other events happening in January include: Spaghetti Day (Jan 4), Clean Off Your Desk Day (Jan 12), Popcorn Day (Jan 19), Peanut Butter Day (Jan 24) and Inane Answering Message Day (Jan 30).

2. February Marketing Ideas

– February 2nd: Groundhog Day. It’s one of those times when it’s acceptable to talk about the weather with your customers. Get them excited for the changing of the seasons!

– February 14th: Valentine’s Day. This notoriously romantic day is perfect for showing affection and gratitude to your customers for their loyal support.

– Other events happening in February include: President’s Day (Feb 16), Super Bowl XLIX (on February 1st), Mardi Gras (Feb 17), Crepe day (Feb 2), World Nutella Day (Feb 5) and Doodle Day (Feb 6).

3. Marketing Ideas For March

– March 20th: Spring begins. While your customers are preparing to come out of hibernation, it’s a good idea to remind them that you’re still around.

– Other events happening in March include: World Compliment Day (Mar 1), Women’s Day (Mar 8), No Smoking Day (Mar 11) and Chocolate Covered Raisins Day (Mar 24).

4. Marketing Ideas For April

– April 1st: April Fool’s Day. There is no reason why you can’t get into the spirit of April Fool’s Day and pull a little prank on your customers.

– April 22nd: Earth Day. It’s the perfect time to show your customers you are environmentally responsible.

– Other events happening in April include: Easter (Apr 5), Vitamin C Day (Apr 4), Sibling Day (Apr 10), Chinese Language Day (Apr 20), Pig In a Blanket Day (Apr 24) and International Dance Day (Apr 29).

5. May Marketing Ideas

– May 10th: Mother’s Day. This is one event that can create serious activity for your business.

– May 25th: Memorial Day. Make sure your business celebrates this weekend because your customers will be.

– Other events happening in May include: Cinco De Mayo (May 5), Cartoonist Day (May 5), Brother’s Day (May 24) and International Hamburger Day (May 28).

6. June Marketing Ideas

– June 21st: Father’s Day. It’s the perfect opportunity to make your customers who are fathers feel loved.

– June 21st again: Summer Begins.

– Other events happening in June include: Cancer Survivors Day (June 7), Nature Photography Day (June 15), Fudge Day (June 16), Onion Rings Day (June 22) and Social Media Day (June 30).

7. July Marketing Ideas

– July 4th: Independence Day. Everyone knows the deal: Your customers will be celebrating America’s independence from Great Britain. As a business, you can leverage this day by participating in a local parade or telling your customers where they can go watch some spectacular fireworks shows.

– Other events happening in July include: Canada Day (July 1), Bikini Day (July 5), Fried Chicken Day (July 6), Pandemonium Day (July 14) and Tequila Day (July 24).

8. Marketing Ideas For August:

August is a month that’s known to be slow for business. But still, some events are happening then including: World Wide Web Day (on August 1st), Sisters’ Day (Aug 2), Book Lovers Day (Aug 9) and Kiss and Make Up Day (Aug 25).

9. September Marketing Ideas

– September 7th: Labor Day. This is the perfect time to offer your customers some promotions to help them get ready for the cooling weather.

– September 23rd: Fall begins.

– Other marketing ideas for September include: Fight Procrastination Day (Sep 6), Chocolate Milkshake Day (Sep 12), Business Women’s Day (Sep 22) and International Coffee Day (Sep 29).

10. October Marketing Ideas

– October 12th: Columbus Day. Ever noticed how marketers and explorers aren’t that different from each other? As a marketer, you constantly have to “explore” marketing tactics that will increase your business revenue and profits. So find a way to leverage this day.

– October 31st: Halloween. Get into the spirit of Halloween and share the festivities with your customers through social media.

– Other events happening in October include: World Vegetarian Day (Oct 1), Taco Day (Oct 4), Fire Prevention Day (Oct 9) and No Beard Day (Oct 18).

11. November Marketing Ideas

– November 26th: Thanksgiving Day.

– November 27th: Black Friday. This is the day people work off their Thanksgiving meal by swiping their credit cards. If you’ve never had a Black Friday sale before, do things differently this upcoming year.

– Other events happening in November include: Veterans Day (Nov 11), Clich Day (Nov 3), World Kindness Day (Nov 13) and Shopping Reminder Day (Nov 26).

12. And Finally, Ending This List On A High Note: December Marketing Ideas

– December 6th: Start of Hanukkah

– December 22nd: Winter Begins

– December 25th: Christmas

– December 31st: New Years Eve

– Other marketing ideas for December include: International Ninja Day (Dec 5), Cotton Candy Day (Dec 7), Human Rights Day (Dec 10), Gingerbread House Day (Dec 12), Eggnog Day (Dec 24), Chocolate Covered Anything Day (Dec 16) and Bacon Day (Dec 30).

The Goal Of A Content Calendar

The idea behind creating a content calendar is that you can visualize how your content is distributed throughout the year. This allows you to:

– Plan content around key events relevant to your industry

– Plan content around important dates

– Identify gaps in your content plan

– Make sure your content is ready in time for publishing

The further ahead you plan your digital content publishing, the higher your chances of producing a consistent stream of unique content that will build your brand’s perceived expertise. You can choose to plan content on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. The key is to make sure your content marketing fits into your overall marketing mix. To that end, before you jump into content production, ask yourself the following questions:

– How consistent is your content marketing?

– Does your content deliver the right information?

– Does your content engage your market?

– How is the cumulative impact of your content progressing with time?

– Does your content support your business’s long-term goals?

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12 Months Of Content Event Triggers For 2015

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