11 Ways to Come Up With Great Content Ideas When You’ve Ran Out

By  March 16th, 2016


Feel like you’re finally out of great content ideas? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! One of the biggest challenges of writing content for any readership is figuring out just what to write about. This is why blogging is such a seemingly easy, but realistically daunting task. But don’t give up when you get frustrated and can’t think of quality writing material, instead consider these 11 ways to come up with new content ideas as a guide to keep you going.

1. Partake In The Holidays

Though you may not think it’s time to write about holidays that happen over the summer, now is the best time to start considering the content you’ll write for it.

Remember that whether or not you personally celebrate religious-affiliated holidays, your customers may and it’s important to cater to them.

2. Consider Seasonality

Similar to holidays, seasons will have an effect on your content and what people are searching for.

If you offer services that are more popular in the winter season, think of ways to still reach out to clients in the summer and keep them connected to your brand.

3. Google Adwords Keyword Planner

By doing a general search of your product or service, you’ll be provided with an extensive list of relevant or related searches that your customers are looking out for; some of these keywords come in the form of statements like “the best…” or “how to…”.

By addressing these sorts of searches, you’ll provide potential customers with the answers to the questions they’re searching for.

4. Scan Social Media Sites

The best way to figure out what your target market is talking about is to go straight to the source.

Use the search tools available in Facebook, Twitter and even Reddit to see what people are discussing, and which of these topics you can transform into your own content.

5. Address Industry Myths

If you’re in an industry where what your product or service does is misrepresented or misunderstood by much of the general population, use this to your advantage.

Take these urban myths as ways to make fun, interesting content while educating readers at the same time.

6. Reveal Sneak Peeks & Previews

If you’re in an industry where new products are coming out regularly, give your readers the inside scoop before they hit the market.

This not only creates excitement for these products, but keeps your readers coming back for more sneak peeks.

7. Talk To Coworkers

Even though you’ve run out of topics to discuss on your website or blog on your own, this doesn’t mean everyone in the company has.

Take the time to talk to your coworkers about possible content ideas. Brainstorm together – you never know what you might come up with!

8. Play With Content Title Generators

Sometimes the best ideas just need a name.

Play around with content title generators like Übersuggest, Answer the Public, or Portent’s Content Idea Generator, for interesting title options that you can use as inspiration.

9. Get In Your Target Audience’s Shoes

If you don’t identify as a member of your company’s target audience, consider what these customers are looking for from your company.

Be it attention to social issues, economics, environmental concerns or otherwise, use these concerns to your advantage.

10. Run With Current Events

Current news and social events are an excellent topic to incorporate into your content.

Presidential elections, social controversies, even trending celebrity gossip can be touched on if you stay timely and relevant.

11. Don’t Be Afraid Of Fun Stuff

Don’t be afraid to put your name on content that is fun, unusual, or somewhat out-of-the-box.

Try new and exciting content every once in a while, and see if something stands out as a great success you would have never considered. This could be infographics, videos, top 10 lists, memes, GIFS, and more.

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11 Ways to Come Up With Great Content Ideas When You’ve Ran Out

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