11 Vital Resources For Specialists In The Social Media Marketing Industry

August 15, 2015

11 Vital Resources for Specialists in the Social Media Marketing Industry

Which social media marketing websites do you read for the latest news and tips?

When online marketers don’t do their best to stay updated with the latest trends and customer preferences for accomplishing the goals of their social media marketing plan, the competition will progress at their expense. If you start using all disposable tools intelligently, you can attract new customers with the speed of light. The following 11 online resources will help you achieve that effect. I have listed informative websites and blogs that will provide you with a solid base of social media marketing knowledge…

1. Mashable

Follow Mashable for the Latest Social Media Marketing News and Tips

Mashable is one of the top online resources for modern marketers. It covers the most popular topics and trends in this niche, but also offers educational articles on a regular basis. You can explore the following categories across the platform: Tech, Social Media, World, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Business, and more.

2. Social Media Today

Find the latest social media marketing tips and news on social media today

Social Media Today is focused on providing information and resources for professionals in marketing, communication, social business, customer experience, digital strategy, and content marketing. It organizes webinars that focus on understanding customers’ needs and getting the best results from your marketing efforts.

3. Dan Zarrella Blog

Latest Social Media Marketing Statistics on the Dan Zarrella Blog
You have surely heard of Dan Zarrella, an award-winning social media scientist mostly recognized for being one of the first marketers at HubSpot. Well, this is his personal blog. You can learn something from each piece of information he shares. You must read his infographics. They contain helpful graphs from his latest research.

4. ReadWrite

Read Write Web for Social Media Marketing News

Read Write Web is a highly respected website which provides tech news on a regular basis. Since your work as a marketer is highly dependent upon technology, you can benefit from gaining more knowledge on social media and marketing tools. When you start exploring the website, you’ll learn how to use the best business tools, hack news, cloud technology, and mobile marketing solutions to your benefit.

5. Heidi Cohen Blog

Read Social Media Marketing and Blogging Tips on Heidi Cohen

If you have just started experimenting with online marketing methods, you’ll appreciate Heidi Cohen’s personal blog. The author offers tips, guidelines, and strategies on developing successful marketing and branding solutions.

6. HubSpot Blog

Get Top Marketing Tips on Hubspot

Hubspot is where you get your daily dose of expert advice on how to increase the traffic to your website. In addition, you can access useful inbound marketing tools and read insightful case studies. The Software section features tools related to CMS, landing pages, calls to action, social media, blogging, SEO, and more.

7. eMarketer

Find Latest Marketing Stats and Tips on eMarketer
eMarketer is a friendly online resource which provides step-by-step instructions on how to solve different issues related to your marketing campaign. The most popular coverage areas include: real-time marketing, attribution, mobile usage, marketing technology, consumer products, social media users, display ad spending, video advertising, and more.

8. MarketingSherpa

MarketingSherpa is a Social Media Marketing Resource

Marketing Sherpa is a research institute that specializes in discovering and testing marketing strategies that work. The research results are published for the benefit of the website’s community. The goal of the entire projects is to provide marketers with instructions and statistics that will make them better. That’s pretty noble, right? You can find information on creative content development, email strategy, and everything else related to online marketing.

9. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner Blog for Pinterest Tips

You have probably heard about the world’s biggest social media magazine, Social Media Examiner. It is devoted to outlining the best practices in the social media marketing world. This website has helped a great number of business people by publishing tips on how to best utilize online networking and business practices. The main goal of Social Media Examiner is to keep you up-to-date with the recent innovations and trends with the wild and changeable social media environment.

10. Business 2 Community

Get the Best Business Tips on Business 2 Community

Business 2 Community is a platform dedicated to bloggers who write about all sorts of marketing strategies. By becoming a part of their community, you will learn impressive things about social media, PR, tech and branding.

11. Marketo’s Blog

Read Marketo for Marketing Tips

Marketing content from this website is indispensable. Marketo offers suggestions both on traditional marketing strategies – like email marketing – and on modern practices – like marketing automation.

If you have run out of ideas for new content, just visit the most shared and read articles from these platforms. Observe the trends and get some valuable topics.

11 Vital Resources for Specialists in the Social Media Marketing Industry

Which websites do you follow to stay up to date with the latest social media marketing news and tips? Would you add them to the above list? Please leave your comments below.

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