11 Practical Tips To Integrate Social Media with Traditional Marketing

by Dorien Morin-van Dam February 3, 2016
February 3, 2016
Social Media Marketing 101

One of the very first questions I ask new clients during our social media strategic planning session is this one:

“What other, traditional, marketing do you have in place right now?”

Often I have to prod them with questions like

Do you have radio ads running?

Do you have TV commercials?

Ads in magazines?

Inserts in the newspaper?

Do you network in person and where?

Do you write for any publications?

Are you paying for billboards?

Do you have signs outside your establishment?

How about banners and sponsored ads in programs and at sporting events?

Do you offer branded pens, koozies, writing pads or other promotional items at trade shows?

Does your staff wear uniforms?

Once I start naming these, my clients usually start giving me the answers I am looking for.

Integrating Social Media with Traditional Marketing is Easy!

Why do I want to know what other marketing techniques my (new) clients are using? What does their traditional marketing efforts have to do with the social media marketing I will be doing online?

One word.


By integrating social media with traditional marketing, you get instant traction from your current community and supporters who already love your brand!

Why not ask the people who already do business with you, love you and your brand, and are current customers to connect with you on social media?

Of course you should ask them to like, comment, share and review your business online!

How Practical Are These Tips?

When you are ready to dive into social media marketing, all your traditional marketing should reflect your new efforts; your products and ads should have social media icons and links to your social media profiles!

This is especially true for local, location based businesses!


Don’t go spending a bunch of money to get everything reprinted immediately.

You can, if you want to, but it’s not an immediate must-do in my book.

I tell my clients this (and I guess I will tell you now)

‘When you next go to place an ad, order new menus, order new business cards or signs etc, come talk to me, first! I will help you place the appropriate links and images on your products to reflect your new social media marketing efforts!’

So let’s talk practical for a second.

Where would these links and icons go?

How do you integrate social media with traditional marketing?

11 Practical Tips To Integrate Social Media with Traditional Marketing by Dorien Morin-van Dam of More In Media

Let’s count the ways!

1) Signage in your establishment

Add stickers to your door, displaying that you have a presence on Facebook, Yelp, FourSquare etc. Add the Facebook icon to a table display encouraging people to check-in. Hang up a sign with your WiFi password (and your hashtag!) and ask for people to ‘like’ you on Facebook, or check-in on Instagram once they log in.

2) Social Media links on your receipts

Once people walk out of your establishment, the one tangible thing they all will have is a receipt! Why not add your Facebook Page link with a call-to-action (‘like’ us on Facebook) to the bottom of your receipt!

3) Social Media links on your gift wrap

Do you offer gift wrap or bags? People recycle and reuse them you know! Next time you order some custom bags or wrap, don’t just ad your logo, add your social media icons and links with a call-to-action!

4) Social Media links on your business card

This should be one of the first things you take care of! Add your social media profile links to your card so people can check out your business online.

5) Text to join email list

Many of the email marketing services now offer this as a (paid) option. Set it up and ask people to text you to be added to the email list. It’s easy and convenient and if you make that call-to-action in person, many will oblige! This especially works great if you use it at the end of a speech or presentation when you have a captive audience and you’ve just delivered value to them.

6) Social Media logos in your TV ads

Are you running ads on TV? Many people who watch TV have a second screen in their hands (tablet or phone). Ask them to connect with your business on Facebook ‘right now’!

7) Social Media logos in your printed ads

You are missing out big time if you are running print ads without your social media icons and profile links. Fix it! Like in; today!

8) Create and use branded hashtags for your business

Start asking people to use a specific hashtag when they talk about your business. It’s effective for many industries. I use specific hashtags for several clients, including a soccer club, a tearoom and a retail store! Not only will it reinforce their connection to you, it also offers you a way to find their content (we call it UGC = user-generated content) and re-share it. Nothing is more powerful than having a client talk about a positive interaction with your brand! Nothing you can say about yourself (brag) will top an honest to goodness brag by a satisfied customer.

9) Take pictures and videos at (networking) events and trade shows

Don’t forget to take pictures and videos ‘on the road’ and post them! I feel like I needed to add that last part because I sometimes get these pictures two days late… Live pictures can be a powerful tool, especially at industry events and trade shows. People who see you there will want to connect with you.

10) Ask for check-ins to your business

I touched on this a bit earlier, but yes, ask for the check-ins. You know what happens when someone checks in to your business, say on Facebook? All of their friends see where they are right at that moment! They ‘might’ just click on the link and check out your Facebook page, maybe ‘like’ it. How powerful (and free!) is that?! Each check-in gives your business an opportunity to be in front of a potential new audience! The same can be said for Instagram check-ins! Ask for them!

11) Ask your customers for reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp

When you customers are ready to leave your establishment, strike up a conversation. Ask them how satisfied they are with their visit (or purchase, or service) and if they are very satisfied and raving to you about how much they love you and your business, ask them – sincerely – for a review! Be genuine. Don’t push. But ask. It’s very powerful (and free) marketing!

If you’ve been active on social media yet you haven’t taken advantage of these opportunities to integrate social media with traditional marketing, I suggest you get started today!

Do you have any other tips?

Maybe you found another awesome way to integrate?

I want, no, I need to know…;)

Please leave a comment.

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