10 Ways to Rise up to Facebook’s Algorithm Change and Get More Page Post Engagement

— February 22, 2018

You’ve heard it many times by now with Facebook changing their algorithms yet again and understand it’s all about the engagement but what the heck are you supposed to do to get this all-important engagement?

This eTip shares 10 ways you can garner more engagement on your Facebook page posts so you can rise up to the Facebook algorithm change, meet it squarely in the face and say “No Problem”!

It can be very frustrating to see very low views and engagement on our Facebook business page posts. Here’s 10 strategies and tactics to get those algorithms to work in your favour:

  1. Show Your Personality

    Facebook wants us to be more authentic with our posts. Being authentic is the key here. People resonate with people, not brands. So the more you can showcase your personality on your page posts, the more people will be drawn to your message and become engaged with your posts.

    Relax on the “guru” marketing tactics that you’ve been told to do and instead be yourself.

  2. Keep Your Target Market in Mind. Always.

    If you’re wanting to use Facebook to help build your business, then you have to know who you want to attract to your business as paying clients. The more you know who they are, the more you can produce content that they will want to hear from you.

    • What do they want from you?
    • What do they want to learn from you?
    • What will inspire them?
    • What will get them engaged with your posts?

  3. Utilize Facebook Live

    It wasn’t long ago that video was the Queen of Facebook where us entrepreneurs enjoyed great views and reach with our natively uploaded videos but that rein is being set aside for Facebook Live.

    Facebook Live provides us with the opportunity to live stream “in the moment” videos that naturally facilitate engagement, which is what the Facebook algorithms are looking for.

    During your Live shows, focus on:

    • Providing insider peaks into your world such as while attending live events
    • Sharing something of value
    • Asking leading questions
    • Being entertaining; have fun! Don’t worry so much about how you look and just go for it!
    • Being authentic

  4. Ask Leading Questions

    Simply asking questions can get great engagement on your posts. You want to ask questions that will warrant more than a “yes” or “no” response and get a discussion happening.

    Ideally, encouraging discussion among your followers brings an even higher level of engagement that Facebook will truly reward.

    Here’s some ideas on what kinds of questions you could be asking:

    • Topics that pertain to your target market
    • Hot topics that everyone has an opinion on
    • Fill in the blank questions
    • Opinions on what’s happening in your industry
    • What’s happening in their world they would want to share, discuss or celebrate

  5. Create Inspiring Posts

    Create posts that will inspire your followers into wanting to share them to their followers. Whether your post is a video, a quote or a quote on an image, if it resonates with your audience, it will inspire them to at minimum hit the “like” button and maybe even share to their followers.

  6. Use Images

    Not only do images catch your follower’s eye much quicker than a plain text post, they also tell a story at first glance. Try to use more images in your posts as these will garner more engagement if they resonate with your audience.

  7. Conduct Contests

    Contests are great on getting engagement and building brand visibility. But before holding any Facebook contests, make sure you check out the Facebook rules first.

  8. Keep it Simple

    Remember, for the most part people are on Facebook to escape so you want to avoid asking deep questions that will make your followers think or avoid responding due to feeling too vulnerable to share.

    So keeping your posts light, simple and fun can garner you a bigger engagement impact.

  9. Share Influencer’s Posts

    Sharing other people’s content, especially influences in your industry, can greatly increase that post’s reach. So be sure to follow those that enjoy a great engagement rate and share some of those posts as your page to your page.

    Not only will your reach increase but you’re also showcasing someone you admire, which can get an automatic boost in the algorithms.

  10. Show Your Support

    It’s a lot of fun to have a fan appreciation day and showcase or highlight a fan or VIP client of yours. You can tag them and ask a question for them to respond to in the comment section, which will boost the engagement.

    People love it when they are recognized – congratulate them! Spread kindness through your posts. Let people know you’re on their side. Show gratitude for people who have helped you along the way.

Trying out these ten strategies on your business Facebook page will surely help boost your engagement, which will make the algorithms take more notice of you, which will then increase your page posts visibility in front of your followers. Leave a comment below on any strategies you have tried that work for you!

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