Why Social Media Is Great For Small Businesses

by Stephanie Frasco November 21, 2015
November 21, 2015

Social media usually involves little or no expense. Because of this, small businesses that do not have large amounts of capital can take full advantage of the many benefits that social media has to offer. Although larger organizations are better able to employ marketing techniques that rely heavily on regular methods of advertising and generating leads, small businesses are not always financially prepared to conduct these types of expensive marketing operations.

That is why social media is the ideal solution for smaller organizations. With a small group of people who need nothing more than an internet connection and a computer, it is now possible to conduct promotional campaigns that used to be outrageously expensive. By using the various social media outlets, small businesses can increase their marketing and advertising efforts with very limited expenditures of capital.

Enhanced Communication Options

Every social media outlet generally has several forms of communication options. Thus, it is possible for many messages to be sent to a large number of people in a short amount of time in an ever wider variety of ways. When all of these various forms of communication are considered together, the number of possibilities becomes enormous. In addition, one should always remember that new upgrades are always being added, so more options will become available as technology continues to get better.

Lead Generation

It is also possible to acquire many leads with social media. These leads can often be qualified in certain ways as soon as they are received, depending on the search engine of the social media platform and how it is used. Each search engine on a social media website has its own unique algorithms and parameters that it employs in order to produce its results.

However, if the customers of a business are not limited because of logistical considerations, then the amount of potential leads could be overwhelming. For instance, a company might create health food products and be able to ship its products internationally. A company like this could generate leads from anywhere in the world by using search terms like health food products or natural remedy ideas. A small business with just a few employees may have difficulty in managing the sheer number of leads generated with just one search on one social media website.


It is also possible to increase brand awareness for little cost using the basic tools of social media. Although it is possible to purchase advertising on most of the social media platforms, this option is not always a good one for smaller businesses that do not have a large amount of operating capital. This is why it is good for small businesses to exploit all of the free marketing opportunities available from the major social media websites. It is inexpensive to create accounts with all of the social media platforms and then upload one’s promotional content so that it can be seen by a larger number of potential customers.

Telecommuting Employees

Another way to effectively use social media websites is to use telecommuting employees to run the day-to-day operations associated with the social media accounts of a business. An organization would only have to pay these employees their wages and would not have to pay their monthly internet bill or provide a computer because these workers would already have these items. Since social media is completely online, using telecommuting employees is a highly effective way to increase a company’s workforce using only a very limited amount of capital.

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