Why Pushing Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone Will Only Lead to Greatness

I’m really feeling it this morning. I’m sitting here with my laptop at the ready, with a whole stack of work ahead of me.

Why Pushing Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone Will Only Lead to Greatness

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Today is pitching day, and I can tell you, the feeling in my stomach is not great.

It’s funny you know, here I am with my self-confidence intact, my self-esteem rocketing, knowing my self worth fully, and totally believing in myself 100%. Yet, the idea of reaching out to some bigger publications suddenly seems quite daunting.

I’ve only been doing this “thing” for a little while, three weeks in fact. I’ve had heaps of success so far. I’ve written 12 articles, and ALL of them have been published. Therefore, I am thinking I definitely have some talent here.

But what if it’s not that? What if, the places I’ve chosen are just “easy” to get into? What if they take pretty much everything they’re given and I’m not really that good after all? (Ha Ha, this one will probably get rejected now)

Now this is in no way any reflection of the wonderful publications I’ve been published into, this is simply what’s going on in my mind this morning. Either I am really excellent at this stuff, or I’m not, right?

Here I am, Mrs. Confident, Mrs. Certain, Mrs. Self Belief expert, and even I find the old stories flooding back in. The ones that tell me, I am not really good enough, not really worthy, that really I’ve just lucked it so far, and that if I reach higher, I’ll probably get slapped down.

This is the distinction. Just because you’ve done work on your mind and your mindset, doesn’t mean that the old “patterns” stay away. They don’t. What shifts though is your awareness of them, and your ability to do something about them.

So, even though I am sitting here, with that awful gut feeling, and even a thought or two about just continuing to publish where I’ve already been successful, I will push through it and I will take the action needed today.

Why? Because it’s important.

It’s important that I remind myself, I am capable. It’s important that I remind myself I am more than good enough. It’s imperative, that I allow the positive thoughts that lift me up to enter back in. The ones that tell me I am more than worthy, and more than able.

That I am not a fake, a fraud, and even if I have just “lucked” it so far, which I very much doubt, I CAN and I will take the very next step forward. These feelings I have are just the “old” patterns wanting to play their games.

I CHOOSE not to let them.

So, today, I am going to pitch to 10, maybe 15 big publications. I’ll follow the procedure I’ve been taught, plus the other information I’ve have learned along the way. I’ll push through and take action, regardless of what silly feelings are going on in my body.

Sure, I could CHOOSE to stay right where I am, in my comfort zone. Because it’s easy here isn’t it? I mean, I’ve already had success, and I am very comfortable that I could write for these fabulous platforms and regularly be published.

I could also justify staying here because I have already done 1000 times more than anyone who hasn’t yet even written an article, or had one published anywhere, right? I could justify staying in this place because I’m already a successful author and again that’s more than many people have done right?

But if I chose to stay right where I am… There are millions of people who won’t hear my message. There are millions of people who won’t benefit from my knowledge and my experiences. There are millions of people whose lives won’t be changed, because I didn’t take action, and I didn’t push myself that little bit harder.

Now, I know some of you may be thinking, but I am just a “worker”, or I am just a “small business owner” and I want to challenge you on this. You are so much more than just one thing, and you may not be aware of the difference you make, or the people you actually inspire each day.

If you too, pushed a little harder, and stepped a little out of your comfort zone instead of staying in the safe zone, what could you achieve in your life? What, and who could you make a difference for, by stepping out a little each and every day? How would you grow and how would you inspire the people around you to stretch and grow as well?

If you push through, and step out a little, then your life, and the lives of the people around you MUST get better. If you take action, and stretch yourself, even if it does seem difficult, and you achieve new heights, it will help you build yourself up, and build others up around you.

And this can only lead to one place. Greatness.

So, ask yourself this… what could I do today, that would push the limits, and set me on a path to greatness. Where could I CHOOSE to push forward instead of staying where it’s comfortable?

And then take a moment to imagine your greatness… You want that, don’t you?

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